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How to Verify your Contractors Insurance Documents

The end of the financial year is approaching, and we know many Workers Compensation Insurance documents expire around this time. Your contractors will be reminded to update their insurance in the system for your verification at least 30 days prior to expiry. But don’t worry, verifying is easy. Simply log into your Rapid Contractor Management […]

Contractors: need help to update your Insurance Documents?

Here are some instructions to help you upload your insurance documents in no time! Simply follow the instructions below. Log in to MyRapid. Enter your email/mobile and your MyRapid password you previously created If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Forgot Password?’ Need help logging in? Click here Now that you are logged into your […]

Two Powerful Systems Combine to Create the Ultimate Access Control System!

Rapid Global is pleased to announce that our Rapid Access software can now integrate with Visium Networks’ Protege GX platform. Protege GX is a leading intrusion detection and building automation platform. By integrating the Rapid Access System with Protege GX we have created a powerful Access Intelligence platform designed to enhance your site entry and […]

Make Vertical Consultation a Powerful Tool for Managing Contractor Safety

Businesses of all sizes and shapes are required, so far as is reasonably practicable, to consult with all directly affected workers on matters that directly relate to work health and safety. Often businesses overlook that contractors can also fall into the category of “directly affected workers”.  Failing to consult with contractors in such situations can […]

Preventing Workplace Accidents Through Proper Training

Managing a workplace requires dedication to preventing work-related accidents.  Despite this, workplace accidents are more common than you may think, even in a country as advanced and safety-conscious as Australia. Here are the five most common injuries from workplace accidents and tips to prevent them: Muscular stress while lifting or handling objects This is caused […]

Does Your Business Need to Hire Contractors?

The saying “no man is an island” is also applicable to business. If you happen to manage one, chances are you have worked with contractors to keep your business running at its best. They may not be as close to you as your regular employees, but they carry out the tasks that your regular employees […]

When is it Time to Let a Contractor Go?

Contractors take on the jobs your regular employees are either not trained to perform or are too busy to handle.  Engaging contractors can also be a successful risk mitigation strategy and a financially wise business strategy.  This is what makes them essential to your business. However, this doesn’t mean all of them are indispensable; there […]

How to Keep Your Employee Training Consistent

An expanding business is always good. But an expanding business also poses new challenges, especially once it involves more than one work site. It can become quite difficult to maintain certain standards among many people even if the same company goals are overarching all the work sites. For instance, how do you maintain standards between […]

Putting Your Employees at Risk Puts Your Company at Risk

In 2016 in Australia there were 182 fatal work-related accidents including: 25 from falls 17 from being hit by moving objects 8 from being trapped by moving machinery 7 from electrical contact 4 from being trapped between stationary and moving objects From 2015 to 2016 a total of 104,770 compensation claims were made for serious […]

Don’t Let Bad Contractors into Your Company

As your business grows, you will find it more and more beneficial to hire contractors. Not only are they skilled, but they can work on both big and small tasks that your employees can’t. There are lots of contractors out there whose expertise can be extremely valuable to your company. But how do you choose […]

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