Centacare Ballarat provides social services such as employment services, counselling and family relationship services, homelessness support, advocacy and victims assistance, housing and mental health services. They have multiple offices throughout Victoria with approximately 200 staff.


Centacare needed a way of ensuring that their staff were fully inducted on a variety of topics given the nature of the work they undertake. An online platform was needed through which courses could be created and issued to employees to complete online in their own time.

“Some of our funding and some of our insurance requires that our staff receive training regarding Cultural Awareness, Code of Conduct towards Children, Bullying and Harassment, etc.”

–          Scott Sanderson, IT Systems Developer


Rapid Induct was implemented by Centacare Ballarat to induct their employees in a streamlined and efficient way. They have created modules specific to their industry, for example they have courses on how to manage sensitive situations that workers may find themselves in.

“We use Rapid Induct to create and roll out tailored training modules to our staff as required.”


Centacare are now easily able to monitor which modules or inductions staff have completed in one place using the Rapid Global onlinbe training system. Given the importance of these training modules, Centacare can now easily check whether all necessary courses have been completed or not with one simple click.

“Rapid Induct system allows us to keep track of staff who have and who have not completed the training; completion of the various modules is compulsory.”

When inductees log on to do their inductions, the system prompts them as to which courses they need to complete, making system navigation a simple and fast process.