The EIE Group, a partner of choice in distribution, rental and value-added services in the industrial equipment market, has an undisputed reputation for safety, value, innovation, quality and efficiency. Known for setting high standards in their industry, the EIE Group is always implementing new systems and processes that enable them to maintain their brand ethos and market leadership.


The EIE Group has faced a number of trials that made safety operations and audits a challenge.  However, last year marked a change for the business when a presentation by OVS Solutions Pty Ltd, the Africa Licensee of Rapid Global Africa, posed credible and effective solutions for the problems experienced by the EIE Group.

Being a large-scale operator, the company found incident reporting to be less than satisfactory due to the large number of staff employed and subsequent failures to follow correct reporting procedures. With the help of Rapid Global Africa and their Rapid Incident Reporting software, an effective solution was found. Today, incident reporting on a national level can be completed efficiently, eliminating the “grey area” in reporting that presents a hindrance for many businesses.


As a result of the innovative Rapid Incident Reporting software, the EIE Group has seen a substantial increase in reported incidents. Furthermore, near miss reporting methods have contributed to a decrease in injuries on duty – a great success for both the EIE Group and Rapid Global Africa!

Comprehensive and accurate reporting has allowed for additional safety measures to be put in place, ensuring the continued safety of employees. The implementation of Rapid Incident software has also saved a lot of time and reduced the workload of safety officers by at least half. As a result, the EIE Group has substantially more time to develop proactive solutions to health and safety issues instead of having to respond to incidents.

Additionally, the EIE Group incorporated Rapid Audit into their company, another groundbreaking software solution by Rapid Global.  The audit sorftware has been an undeniable highlight for all the Safety Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) Officers in their respective regions.


Prior to Rapid Audit, KZN Regional SHEQ Officer / National ISO Coordinator, Elize Koster, had to generate and conduct audits manually, a process that often proved frustrating and time-consuming. Today, she can use her iPad to create, schedule, and conduct health and safety audits. With real-time ease of use on a mobile device, reports and results are generated and can then be downloaded as a PDF, filed where necessary, or sent on to whoever requires them.

“The safety officers and I could not have asked for a better system and I’m so glad that we decided on Rapid Global. They have been a jewel to deal with!”
– Elize Koster

The EIE Group found it easier than expected to utilise Rapid Global Africa’s software solutions. With the help of Raymond Moussa (Rapid Global’s new business development executive) driving the implementation, those further down the management chain were also able to use the software after a short 30-45-minute training session. A user-friendly interface has meant increased use on a daily and weekly basis for many employees as well, making the Rapid Global software an important business tool for everyone at the EIE Group.

Where continuous service is concerned, Rapid Global has delivered time and time again. From the initial presentation to the three-month proof of concept, and up until today, the EIE Group management team remains impressed. Any queries and issues have been resolved promptly and efficiently.

Completed implementation is not the end of service efforts by Rapid Global.  The team have been actively engaged with the EIE Group to see how Rapid Global solutions can continue to improve processes. Through these engagements, the EIE Group is looking at expanding their Rapid solutions to be encompassed in more areas of the business.