Gateway Lifestyle are a residential company dedicated to providing people over 50 years old with excellent living spaces. Their places are set up so people can purchase their own home while living in a Gateway lifestyle community with other likeminded people.


With 54 sites across NSW, VIC, QLD and SA, providing face-to-face training for their 320 employees was not cost effective, practical or efficient. A solution was needed to induct people without having to get everyone to a central location at a specific time.


Rapid Induct was implemented at Gateway Lifestyle to meet their need for efficient staff inductions. These inductions are issued out to the employee via email and can be completed at any time in any place on an internet-enabled device. The workplace inductions consist of company information, code of conduct, policies and procedures. There are also inductions set up in the system to be specifically for their employment type, for example, managers or employees.


Gateway Lifestyle report that there have absolutely been time and cost savings as the result of implementing Rapid Global’s online induction software. Naturally, not having to get everyone in to one central location to deliver a face-to-face induction results in these savings.

Administrators from the company that need to have access to see which staff are currently inducted in the system can easily log on and view the inductions from the client portal. This enables Gateway Lifestyle to keep tabs on all their staff to ensure they are compliant.