Centre Operations Managers and Security staff were inducting personnel on-site via a face-to-face induction at each centre. Furthermore, all paperwork was simply being presented in person. The process was time consuming, costly and made tracking documents almost impossible.


Rapid Induct has provided Lendlease a single system that enables contractors to complete their inductions before they arrive onsite. All licenses, insurances, work method statements and other documents can now be uploaded into the workplace induction system for automatic tracking and management, allowing the system to keep record and an audit trail of all paperwork that each contractor and employee needs to submit before commencing work. They are also automatically alerted as to when re-inductions are due.

“There is more of a safety awareness across Lendlease and we make it a priority to enforce best practice by ensuring that everyone is up to date with the correct procedures. Many centres have also found the reporting side of Rapid Induct very positive.”

– Gordon Longrigg, General Manager, Operations, Lendlease