LR&M Constructions is a growing company dedicated to producing quality civil infrastructure. Currently they have 80 employees and 480 sub-contractors working across 6 operational sites. The client base of LR&M Constructions extends from private investors and developers to the government. They produce infrastructure such as roads, land divisions, bridge modifications or installations and other large projects. Currently they are working in conjunction with their business partner, Lendlease, on the Northern Connector Project.


LR&M Constructions required a way to induct and keep track of their contractors and to keep all their documentation in one centralised location. They also wanted a system through which they could report incidents and manage hazards in the workplace to create greater transparency and accountability between contractors and management. Furthermore, as auditing is a regular process for the company, they needed to ensure they had all the necessary information readily available to show auditors in a clear and concise format.


The Rapid products implemented within LR&M Constructions have helped the company to keep track of contractors and ensure that they are all inducted, compliant, and have the necessary documentation. The systems integrate to make the contractors accountable through automated notifications and reminders which are sent to workers whenever their induction or documentation is about to expire. This ensures managers don’t have to worry about following-up with people individually, helping to save time and costs. By easily storing information in one central location, LR&M Constructions can then distribute it across their business units and workforce.

“It’s definitely that communication: rolling out the information to all the business units and being able to pull the data together and send that to your workforce as well.” Vikki Filkov, Safety, Quality and Environment Coordinator at LR&M Constructions

Furthermore, Rapid Incident Reporting is creating awareness within the company of which areas need improvement. As people report incidents, necessary changes can be made to ensure that LR&M Constructions worksites are safe for all employees, contractors and visitors. To ensure more comprehensive results, Rapid Hazard Management integrates with Rapid Incident Reporting to manage risk and account for hazards in an even more controlled way. The hazard reporting system allows anyone from within the business to report a hazard of any type, and then facilitates investigation, control measures, ongoing assessment and reporting on statistics.


“With the technology [information] is readily available and easy to capture.”

When it comes to auditing, LR&M Constructions now have a streamlined way of concisely reporting on statistics, including at their regular audits. The company receive external quality audits every 6 months, as well as internal audits every 4 months. Transparency is increased by providing reports generated by the Rapid products to auditors and the LR&M Constructions board. This includes reports on contractor compliance, documentation, inductions and incidents. On top of these audits, they create monthly reports using Rapid Contractor Management to keep track of contractor information, which are then sent to their projects teams. LR&M Constructions enjoy having the ability to easily communicate the status of job sites and areas of improvement to management teams.

“It’s part of providing our safety report to the board on a monthly basis. We use the information out of the reporting tab to say how many contractors have been inducted and how many are due for recertification. It’s the same with the workers.”

Looking to the future, the goal of LR&M Constructions is to grow and increase their client database. They hope to gain exposure and work on increasingly complex projects, with Rapid Global supporting their endeavour the whole way.

“The goal for LR&M is to grow – our ultimate goal is to become a Tier 1 company. Part of Rapid Global is having systems in place so when the company does grow, we’ve already got the systems there so we’re ready for that expansion.”