What is the significance of the product, Rapid Contractor Management, to your industry?

The product is significant to all industries, as managing contractors to ensure their health and safety in the workplace should be a priority for all employers. In an industry like ours which operates on a multi-site basis, with many contractors and a large number of employees, having one system that is online, easy to use and transparent means that we can ensure the same standards are met in each and every location.

How has Rapid Contractor Management made a significant contribution to McDonald’s Australia?

Rapid CM has made a significant contribution to McDonald’s Australia by improving and systematising the way we manage our contractors. McDonald’s is a brand that is famous for having amazing systems, and we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the business, especially workplace safety. This product is helping us take contractor management to the next level, it is a real demonstration of continuous improvement for our system.

The Rapid Contractor Management system is a tool that helps keep our contractors and employees safe, by ensuring that we deliver the right induction material to the right people at the right time, and only engage appropriately qualified and inducted contractors to do work for McDonald’s. Aside from the obvious safety benefits, we expect all kinds of benefits to flow once the system is established – information and data capture is enhanced, time is saved and ultimately we achieve our mission of making every McDonald’s workplace a safe and inviting place to visit and work.

Hayley Baxendale | National Occupational Health and Safety Manager | McDonald’s Australia Limited