The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is a member based organisation that promotes and celebrates agriculture through events which link industry with consumers.

The Royal Melbourne Show, Victoria’s largest annual community event attracts 500,000 visitors on average each year to Melbourne Showgrounds. This show along with other events run by the RASV provide a platform for industry benchmarking, promotion and education.

The RASV also manages Melbourne’s largest and most versatile indoor/outdoor exhibition and event venue, Melbourne Showgrounds, which offers purpose-built facilities for exhibitions, trade shows, film production, concerts and other events.


Major event risk control was the key objective for RASV who were seeking a system to assist in the administration of their major event, The Royal Melbourne Show as well as other events held at their venue at which the RASV is not the principle contractor.

The annual Royal Melbourne Show required a solution to assist in the compliance management of contractors, showground entertainment operators and volunteers. The challenge was to ensure 3 areas were addressed, induction (ensuring training was completed prior to work on site), contractor management and incident reporting/management. The existing security incident reporting process was paper based with limited reporting functionality and no ability to track or alert personnel regarding incident investigation closeouts.

Stakeholders are varied with workers such as high risk riggers working alongside retailer exhibitors. A compliance management system which could cater for all stakeholders with their varied requirements was a necessity.

“An audit of the old systems showed we were potentially enabling a hazard on site not addressing one.”
– James Laity, HSE Manager, Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

The informal legacy systems in place posed a risk with a print out of previous days incidents showing three incidents of injury over three days that had not been addressed, investigated or closed out. Without a systematic follow through there was a lack of a compliance and audit trail that placed the organisation at risk.


Rapid Induct, Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Incident Reporting software systems were implemented to reduce risk and aid in contractor and incident management compliance.

The online induction software was set up to provide contractors, for all events where the RASV is the principle contractor, to complete inductions in a streamlined and efficient manner. Event management companies using the venue are also inducted through the system so as to ensure their understanding and compliance with RASV policies and procedures.

Rapid Contractor Management software has been instituted as the process through which all contractor compliance documentation and pre-qualification is collected and managed. Insurance certificates are collected and tracked through the system for all contractors (showground operators etc).

Rapid Incident Reporting software now provides a solid and consistent method of reporting workplace incidents with incidents able to be reported online instantly and investigations assigned and tracked by management.


Rapid Induct now provides online induction training to all stakeholders including exhibitors, judges, officials, volunteers and show ground operators. The variation in user scope is catered for through induction courses that are specific to the person’s job role. Modules are completed according to the type of work that is carried out i.e. food vendors, high risk work, exhibitors induction etc. With exhibitor inductees typically experiencing literacy issues, the courses have been adapted to provide a multimedia format.

The Rapid Contractor Management software now provides assurance that all contractor documentation is collected, verified, and tracked for compliance and audit trail. This is configured to meet the diverse needs of the end user groups. Most events held involve the RASV having a contractual obligation with the event organisers (not the exhibitors) and the RASV is able to now provide the system to the event organiser as a unique launching portal to cater for the event, thus assisting compliance down the stakeholder chain.

“With personal injury claims possibly occurring as far in the future as 5 years after the event we have been able to reduce corporate risk”.

In particular the Rapid Incident Reporting software has transformed the incident reporting process especially in relation to the major event, The Royal Melbourne Show. During the 2014 Royal Melbourne Show more than 1,700 incidents reported over 12 days. In 2015 the scope of incident reporting was refined further and resulted in a more comprehensive collection of data resulting in more than 3,300 incidents reported, investigated and actioned over 11 days.

“With our old methods if an incident had occurred we could have had 3 days where we end up in court over something serious. We now have an auditable formal system where we might take only one hour to report the incident, investigate and apply corrective actions and all stakeholders go home happy.”