Waterway Constructions is a specialist maritime contractor with the capacity to undertake construction, maintenance and refurbishment of maritime structures throughout Australia. Established in 1993, Waterway Constructions has grown to become one of the largest specialist maritime contractors in Australia. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gladstone and Brisbane, Waterway has the capability to operate throughout Australia.


Waterway Constructions was seeking a security incident reporting system that would incorporate their specific risk matrix and would be compatible with their safety and environmental consequences.


Rapid Incident Reporting was implemented and provides Waterway Constructions with the ability to report incidents from any project location as soon as the incident occurs. Rapid Global was able to integrate the existing risk matrix already in use within the organisation, providing consistency and an easy transition from their existing process to the newer online incident reporting system. Specific safety consequences and environmental consequences were also incorporated to ensure a perfect fit between the software and the activities of the business.

“Being a business who complete projects across Australia the Rapid Incident Reporting system allows our team to report incidents that occur in any location immediately and the system automatically notify required personnel. The capability to electronically attach photos, reports and other documents allows safety professionals to review incidents immediately without needing to wait for reports to be mailed or emailed and determine actions required.”

– Peter Bramich, HSE Manager