Enhancing Key Cabinet Access Control for Contractors

Watch this panel discussion featuring experts from Torus and Rapid Global. 

Learn about the challenges associated with managing key access – and the value of having an enterprise grade key management solution. 

This is essential for facilities managers, security professionals, and business leaders looking to optimise their workplace efficiency.

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    Enhance security, compliance, and operational efficiency

    Understand the challenges

    Gain insights into the specific challenges for managing key access for contractors – including compliance, security, and operational efficiency. 

    Enhance security and compliance

    Understand the role that key access and contractor compliance plays in monitoring key usage, ensuring only authorised access, and maintaining detailed records for audit purposes.

    Improve operational efficiency

    Discover how enterprise key cabinet control systems streamline the onboarding and management of contractors, and reduce administrative burdens.

    Your speakers

    Raymond Moussa

    Based in the EU, Raymond is an experienced Business Development Executive at Rapid with a great understanding of workplace safety and how technology is transforming compliance and risk management. He specialises in helping organisations implement innovative solutions to ensure a secure and efficient work environment.

    Trent Loebel

    For 30 years, Trent has had the privilege of leading teams in technology, media, telecommunications and retail businesses. Appointed CEO of Torus and CIC Technology in 2017, Trent and the talented Torus team are dedicated to exceptional customer service and making key management easy and secure for customers.

    Jason Allan

    As the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rapid, Jason is responsible for developing and implementing successful go-to-market strategies for Rapid’s full suite of products. This includes understanding customer pain points and working closely with cross-departmental stakeholders to influence the direction of the product development roadmap.