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Is Rapid Induct only for online induction or orientation courses?

No, although the name implies inductions, Rapid Induct actually has the ability to house all types of online courses including training. The product began as an online induction tool, but has grown to become a learning management system (LMS) type of application that is sophisticated enough to manage any training including storing the details of a learner’s external training sessions such as an offsite face to face course.

How are courses issued to learners?

Rapid Induct uses passwords that are sent to the learner via SMS or email. The email contains both the learner’s unique password and a link to the login screen to complete their course. Each password is unique and secure.

Can I set up and edit my own courses or do I need to pay Rapid Global to do this?

Yes. Many of our clients regularly create courses in Rapid Induct simply by typing directly into our simple to use editor, adding images, video or audio and creating questionnaires. It is very easy to use and not at all like most technically difficult LMS applications. Ask us for a demo to see how easy it is.

I am too time poor to transfer my PowerPoint training presentations into Rapid Induct. Can you help?

Yes. We offer course compilation services. We even have course writers who can assist with designing any course you may need.

What media can be added to a course?

You can add any images, video or audio to your courses.

Does my IT department need to be involved in the set up of Rapid Induct?

No. Rapid Induct is fully hosted online, meaning you only need a computer with internet access.

Why does Rapid Induct provide full support to both administrators and learners?

Because our experience tells us that our client’s want a system that is seamless and streamlined. Not only is our software extremely reliable, but by offering full administrator support you are assured that you and your staff can always have access to tutorials, user guides and a real person at the other end of the phone or email to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. We know that software often comes with the perception of being problematic and difficult to use. We take away this stigma and believe when you provide service combined with superior technology clients appreciate the value for money. Winning the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence in 2010 and the positive feedback from our clients testifies to our success in this mission.

How much control can I have over how Rapid Induct works?

One of the mantra’s at Rapid Global is to give our clients control over their applications and this includes Rapid Induct. We have created our software so that you don’t have to stick within the limitations of a generic system but instead we give you the ability to control settings and customise features all with a tick of a box. Features such as adding a new administrator and individualising their permissions, modify your company structure and create courses linked to that location, run site specific reports, set up learner categories to reflect your workforce and much more. You will be surprised by just how much you can do in Rapid Induct.

Our company branding is important to us. How does Rapid Induct help?

We specialise in fully branded systems. This can include login screens and course design. Ask to see some examples of how we apply your logo and look and feel.

I want my contractors to upload licenses before they start their course. Can this be done in Rapid Induct?

Yes. Our system pioneered the collection of documents from workers during their online learning. In your demo you will see how this is achieved as well as other great features for managing contractors.

Are learners given a certificate of completion?

Yes. This certificate can contain various information all of which you can customise by selecting which features of the certificate you wish to have included in your system.

Does Rapid Induct have an App?

Yes. Our App allows you to check a learner’s status when out in the field, on site or anywhere at all, making it very convenient for you to know which workers have been inducted and trained even if they have forgotten their printed certificate or if you are not in front of a computer screen. It’s great for spot checks of contractors to ensure they are inducted.

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How does Rapid Contractor Management determine a contractor’s compliance for my business?

Our in built features ensure your business is able to collect and store all contractor data including documents and compliance data. This includes a pre-qualification process to determine the contractor’s level of risk. Rapid Global also offers verification services. To find out more, contact us to have one of our sales team outline the compliance focussed features.

Can the system include swipe cards with QR codes?

Yes. Our system rollouts include many options to select from including printing your own cards on site or having the cards delivered directly to the contractor via our card issue centre.

Why is Rapid Contractor Management award winning?

Rapid Contractor Management won the Australian Business Award for Product Excellence in 2012 based on its superior contractor compliance features. Rapid Global was the pioneer of the online pre-qualification system for contractors in Australia and has continued to innovate and lead the way in this field.

Is Rapid Contractor Management able to assist with risk reduction?

Yes. The solutions are built to address your business needs. Incorporating all aspects of the contractor management lifecycle, Rapid Contractor Management and is able to integrate with our access systems, permit to work and contractor performance review as well as incident and hazard reporting software to provide a system that eliminates the gaps and assists with ensuring risk levels are controlled. It is the system of choice for discerning companies concerned with risk reduction, security and data integrity.

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What makes up a Rapid Access System?

Rapid Access Systems can include swipe card site entry hardware and software, turnstiles, touchscreens, computer terminals for access control and ID systems. The system is able to record onsite hours, restrict site entry to inducted and licensed contractors and take a photo of all persons entering the site.

Can the system include alcohol breath testing units?

Yes. We are able to provide fully integrated breathalyser units that can test either randomly, at specific intervals or mandatory upon entry to site. The system will then alert relevant managers via SMS and email when a positive reading is recorded.

I have a site that requires unsupervised after-hours access. How can Rapid Access Systems assist with this?

Rapid Access Systems are able to include key dispenser units integrated with our software so that a worker or contractor can sign in and be allocated a specific key even in an unmanned situation.

Do you have all weather units for outdoors installation?

Yes. We are able to accommodate virtually any type of required installation.

Can the system integrate with our existing on site boom gates or security?

Yes. We integrate with your existing systems and even can setup a blended approach involving manned guard huts and your security guards.

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What devices does the Rapid Permit To Work system work on?

Currently the system is designed to work on an iPad. We are developing the system to also be compatible with other platforms such as touch screens. iPads have been selected as the preferred device due to the portability and the flexibility of being able to carry the device whilst on the job.

How is the contractor issued a work request in Rapid Permit To Work?

When the administrator creates a work order, Rapid Permit To Work notifies the contractor via email. The contractor is then able to login to their portal (or attend the site iPad) and fill out the work permits associated with the work request.

Do you provide outdoor/all weather cases for the Ipads?

Yes. We can arrange this for your Rapid Permit To Work solution.

What sort of permits can be included in the system?

All permits are able to be included, for example hot work permits, working at height, excavation/ break in, electrical work, confined space, all clearance certificates.

Can this system be implemented worldwide?

Yes. The software and the iPad (if required) can be shipped to all locations across the globe.

Will I still need paper copies of my permits?

No. This system eliminates the need for paper copies and ensures all permits are centrally stored in one database, providing a systematic approach to keeping records for auditing purposes.

Can I allow my contractors to attach documents to support the work permit?

Yes. Documents are able to be attached according to the permit type, this could include worksheets or safe operating procedures.

What if my worker fails to sign off when they leave the site?

The worker must indicate how long they anticipate they will be on site for when they sign in. Should they fail to sign out, you are able to sign out on their behalf or the system can automatically sign the worker out.

Can the worker report any issues or hazards they might find when on site?

Yes. Rapid Permit To Work has a feature to allow the worker to report issues and/or hazards at any time whilst on site.

Do I need to have Rapid Contractor Management in order to purchase Rapid Permit To Work?

Yes. Rapid Permit To Work operates in conjunction with Rapid Contractor Management. Contractor’s details are stored in Rapid Contractor Management and retrieved during the work request process. Rapid Contractor Management also performs the important function of ensuring the contractor company associated with the worker is compliant and fully insured. This ensures you are unable to issue work orders to uninsured or non compliant contractor companies. If you would like a customised version that does not require Rapid Contractor Management, please speak with one of our sales staff to discuss the possible solutions.

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What is Rapid Service Alert used for?

Rapid Service Alert can be used to manage any repetitive task and its related actions. This can include (but is not limited to) audits, inspections, preventative maintenance, asset management and contract renewals.

What does start for free mean?

Rapid Service Alert allows you to start using the system for free for up to 5 users. If you wish you are then able to upgrade your package should you require more users.

Am I limited to the number of tasks I can complete in the free version?

No. You are however limited to only 5 users.

How many users does the free system provide?

You are allocated 5 users in the free system. You as the administrator are counted as one user and you then have 4 users available that can be allocated to workers. When you set up a worker (allocate a job or task to a person) this person will count as one user.

Who are classified as users?

Users are anyone who either creates a task (an administrator) or is allocated a task ( a worker) in Rapid Service Alert.

I need more users, how do I add more?

You will need to upgrade your package. Click here to check out the options for user allowances to suit the number of workers you will need to allocate tasks to.

How do users login?

Login is via a user name and password. When an administrator adds a worker to their system they are sent an email prompting them to login with their email address and create a password.

Can I set how often my task needs to be repeated?

Yes. Simply set the repetition rate and Rapid Service Alert will take care of automating the reoccurring task by sending it at the allocated time and date to the worker.

Can I attach documents to my tasks when sending it to a worker to complete?

Yes. It is a good idea to attach documents such as safe work method statements (SWMS), procedures or any other resources to assist the worker to complete the job.

Can the worker attach worksheets or documents when completing the task?


What if, while completing the task, the worker discovers there are actions that need to be completed, such as the need to arrange removal of asbestos?

Rapid Service Alert allows for this and the worker is able to create actions for completion.

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What is Rapid Incident Reporting?

Rapid Incident Reporting is an online fully hosted software application created by Rapid Global. It allows you and your workforce to report incidents instantly via an online form.

How are incidents reported in Rapid Incident Reporting?

Incidents are reported online from any computer with internet access.

Do you have to be logged in to report an incident?

No. Anyone can report an incident without needing a password. We have set up the system this way in order to avoid barriers that might prevent workers, contractors and visitors from reporting incidents as soon as they occur.

How does the system ensure all incidents are investigated and actioned?

Rapid Incident Reporting features failsafe controls that ensure that when an incident is reported, relevant personnel are automatically informed, the investigation is launched and corrective actions are completed. Alerts are triggered when investigations or actions are overdue. Reports can be run to view any overdue actions and investigations.

Can the report only include incidents that involve our workers?

No. Rapid Incident Reporting allows you to add a person’s name in the form at the time of completing the report. This means the person involved in, or reporting the incident, can be a visitor, a contractor or consultant.

Can I use Rapid Incident Reporting for reporting non injury related incidents?

Yes. There is a variety of incident types including environmental, vehicle accidents or quality reports that can be included in the report.

I need to calculate the costs of injured workers return to work/worker rehabilitation. How does Rapid Incident Reporting help?

Our system includes a section for calculating costs and hours to assist with the reporting of return to work rehabilitation. Claims are able to be created in the system and can include rehabilitation (return to work, light duties or not returning to work), fatality, physiotherapy or counselling. Attach Workcover details (international equivalent able to be incorporated), establish a work and treatment plan including duties and hours and costings.

Can we include our own risk matrix?

Yes. We have a standard risk matrix however should you have specific requirements for a unique matrix we are happy to upload it into your system.

Can we upload interview records?

Yes. What’s more, you can also include photos, audio files and upload other documents to support the investigation of the incident.

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What is Rapid Hazard Management?

Rapid Hazard Management is an online fully hosted software application created by Rapid Global. It allows you and your workforce to report hazards and apply the hierarchy of control to eliminate or control the hazard using an online application.

How are hazards reported in Rapid Hazard Management?

Hazards are reported online from any computer with internet access.

Do you have to be logged in to report a hazard?

No. Anyone can report a hazard without needing a password. The Report a Hazard button can be displayed on your website, login screen or even desktops and your Rapid Visitor Access System, ensuring anyone even visitors can report hazards and help make your workplace safer.

Can the system be set up with our unique locations and hazard types?

Yes. We ensure each system sold matches and enhances our client’s existing hazard types and response procedures.

Can I include recommended actions for the investigation team to follow?

Yes. This is a feature in the system and can assist in ensuring the correct procedures are followed.

For certain hazards, we need to refer to various publications and resources for instructions on how to proceed. Can this be incorporated in Rapid Hazard Management?

Yes. Documents can be available in the system for staff to download and reference.

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What hardware is needed for the set up of a Rapid Visitor Access system?

Rapid Visitor Access typically is set up with a touchscreen or iPad or tablet and a label printer. All hardware can be provided by Rapid Global.

Can I set up my own host list?

Yes. Rapid Visitor Access comes with administrator access so that you can alter any of the displayed information such as host names or information that is presented in the online induction/orientation course (i.e. site map).

Can our system be set up to display our logo and branding?

Yes. One of the features of Rapid Visitor Access is that we provide a fully custom branded package to your business to ensure all visitors to your premises see your company profile matched on the visitor induction system.

Can visitor labels be included?

Yes the standard system comes complete with a label printer and visitor labels featuring your logo and the visitors details.

Our company has unique requirements, can Rapid Visitor Access be customised?

Yes. Rapid Global creates all of our products in house, meaning that as the creators of the software we are able to customise and modify the applications to suit our clients’ needs. Speak to one of our sales staff about your requirements to obtain a quote.

Can I have visitors provide an electronic signature on sign in?

Yes. The electronic signature option is often used by clients who require an agreement or sign off on terms and conditions before permitting site entry. This might be the case if the site is a sterile environment, has particular security protocols or is high risk and requires the visitor to agree to enter at own risk.

Is it possible to combine both a visitor access system and a contractor sign in system?

Yes definitely. Both Rapid Visitor Access and Rapid Access systems can be combined into the one touchscreen unit. We can design the system to incorporate all categories of persons entering the site and include swipe cards for contractors or workers as well as labels for visitors.

Do you ship your systems anywhere?

Yes. Our clients are worldwide. You have the option of sourcing your hardware locally yourself if you prefer and we will provide the software and setup or we can ship the entire unit hardware included to you wherever you are located. The flexibility of our systems is our strength.

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