Rapid offers a variety of integration options to third party systems and devices. Integrating your systems with Rapid saves you time and maximises productivity.

Native Integrations

Integrations developed and supported by Rapid

Key Safe Solutions

Rapid Access integrates with Key Watcher providers to act as a gatekeeper by only allowing authorised and compliant contractors to access the key safe.

Alcohol Breath Tester

Rapid Access integrates with alcohol breath tester devices providers to allow your workers to take an alcohol breath test during the sign-in process, before they start working onsite.

Site Access Control System

Rapid Access integrates with Protégé GX to provide people with temporary access to site. User’s need to log into Visitor Access and only if they’ve been deemed compliant upon sign-in, will they be granted access into the site.

Connect your Rapid system to other third-party applications

Our API allows clients to integrate other 3rd party systems with their RG system. For example, our API can be used to integrate HR, Asset Management and Work Order software with us.



Core Vision


Force Field




Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Active Directory





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