Does Your Business Need to Hire Contractors?

The saying “no man is an island” is also applicable to business. If you happen to manage one, chances are you have worked with contractors to keep your business running at its best. They may not be as close to you as your regular employees, but they carry out the tasks that your regular employees don’t have time to do or are not qualified to perform.

Even a small business (one that hires only 20 people or less), may at one point or another need other companies to help it work and scale up. Companies tend to outsource the following types of jobs to contractors:

  • Customer support – Someone needs to be in charge of getting in touch or interacting with customers.
  • Accounting – It’s not called crunching numbers for nothing. This is a task that takes time and effort; it’s better to leave it to someone who specializes in it.
  • Professional services – Tasks such as tax preparation and legal advice are best left to the professionals. If you get in a legal battle your day in court won’t be cheap. Your best option is to have a professional on hand who can represent your interests and keep you informed. Most businesses would engage a range of professionals to assist with complex or specialized tasks.
  • Computer and IT services – Computers help make your business operations easier, but they can be quite complicated. Getting your machines to run the way you need them to for your specific business needs requires a professional tech touch.
  • Construction – The construction of a new building, renovation of a property or site maintenance requires fully licensed and skilled workers and is a common area that is outsourced.
  • Delivery – Once your ad goes viral you can’t make all those deliveries yourself. That’s the time to hire a company to deliver parcels, packages, documents, prototypes and products for you.
  • Repairs and maintenance –Property, plant and equipment maintenance often requires expert skills that are not commonly found in the average workplace. Electrical work, machine vibration and calibration and general office maintenance all falls into this category. Using a contractor for that weekly machine calibration or for periodic tag and testing is a logical and sound business practice if you select a skilled and compliant contractor.

Contractors are especially helpful to growing businesses because they relieve some of the workload and allow core staff to focus on the big picture. But how well do you know the people that your company has come to rely on? Do you know if your contractors are uninsured, unlicensed, or close to having their licenses expire? Do you have information stored on their safety, health, or violations records?

Proper contractor compliance management is crucial for your company if you hire contractors. There are major risks associated with hiring contractors who may not be qualified for certain jobs, or have inadequate coverage. At best, the consequence could be a lawsuit, at the worst it could cost you the company.

Keeping track of all these extra personnel on staff and overall contractor management won’t be an easy job without help though. The good news is that Rapid Contractor Management by Rapid Global can make this job easier for you.  Our contractor management system streamlines processes by keeping track of what you need to know about your contractors, including company details, insurance coverage, work cover registration, licenses, SWMS and more.

It’s not just about keeping track of contractors, it’s also about keeping uninsured ones away from company premises or dangerous worksites. Rapid Contractor Management, when used with a swipe card site access system, has safeguards in place that can prevent uninsured contractors from entering worksites where accidents – and lawsuits – are always a possibility.

Working with qualified, certified, and insured contractors can give your company ease of mind and allow you to focus on your job of improving company performance.

Find out more about Rapid Global’s contractor management software works for a large company like Quadric, who have implemented it alongside other programs from our EHS software suite such as Rapid Induct and Rapid Incident Reporting.

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