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Gain Efficiencies Through Automated Contractor Management

Are you struggling to manage your contractors?

The process of managing contractors can be demanding on any business that engages contractor workers regularly.

Australian workplace health and safety legislation requires consultation with all workers in the workplace and this includes contractors.  As a part of your compliance responsibilities your business will need to know and be able to prove that your contractors are insured, licensed and have been inducted or trained in how to work safely in your workplace.

Any business manager working with contractors knows that finding the internal resources to meet the requirements of good contractor management is difficult and costly, however there is a solution.

Automate and streamline your contractor management processes

Most businesses working with contractors are able to gain efficiencies by using contractor management software.  The key to good contractor management lies in software that collects the contractor’s insurance and license documentation, verifies their compliance,  inducts and trains the individual workers and then is able to act as a gatekeeper on site to ensure only compliant and inducted contractors are able to access site.  To complete the contractor lifecycle, look for software that also allows seamless issuing of work permits, including hot work permits, and is able to track the contractor company’s performance.

Businesses can achieve efficiencies by eliminating the need for manual document processing and having their contractors register and upload their documents online.  The contractor inductions or onboarding are also carried out online and once completed, ID cards are sent to the contractor for on site identification.  When arriving on site, an ipad, tablet or computer terminal can be available to allow the contractor to swipe in

Efficient contractor management using Rapid Contractor Management

before starting work.

We all know technology assists us in our everyday lives. Don’t wait any longer to bring your business into the age of cutting-edge technology through automated contractor management.

Rapid Contractor Management is a product of Rapid Global.  Another example of software that helps you get on with the job!

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