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Online Police Checks

If you need to complete a police check when applying for a job or volunteering position, Rapid Global has a fast platform for you!

Working in conjunction with AIS International, you can apply for a background check using Rapid Global’s online portal. Click on the button to get started!

Course Authoring

Convert your training materials into an online course from any format. We can help you to take even the most out of date training or induction booklet and turn it into an online course that will meet the needs of your learner audience.

We are experts in managing the change process and can even work with your subject matter experts to ensure your course is created professionally and on time.

ID Cards

We produce and distribute ID cards to contractors all across the world. When purchasing Rapid Contractor Management you have the option to include a swipe (data enabled) ID card for your workers.

ID cards are fully branded with your logo and and processed with the contractor’s name and details. Our solutions include the option for your contractor management system to include a swipe card reader for easy sign in and sign out of workers on site. Cards can include a QR code for easy data capture without the need for bulky hardware.

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Alcohol Breath
Tester Units

We supply breathalyser units to compliment our Rapid Access Control systems. Ensure your workers are free from the influence of alcohol before they enter your site.

Rapid Global and Alcolizer

Systems are able to be configured according to your specifications with options including random or compulsory testing. Email and SMS notifications are sent when a positive test is recorded to ensure the chain of command is alerted.

Electronic Key Management Systems

Electronic key management systems for control, accountability and security of keys. Fully integrated with our Rapid Contractor Management software, these key dispenser units can provide key access to only inducted and compliant workers and contractors.

Electronic key management

These systems are ideal for unmanned facilities or out of hours access. Our range of key cabinets also include electronic lockers for similar accountability and control of two-way radios, weaponry, laptop computers, cell phones etc. Systems can accommodate from 16 keys to thousands of keys and users. They are fully SCEC endorsed for Government facilities.

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