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Online Police Checks

If you need to complete a police check when applying for a job or volunteering position, Rapid Global has a fast platform for you!

Working in conjunction with AIS International, you can apply for a background check using Rapid Global’s online portal. Click on the button to get started!

Course Authoring

Convert your training materials into an online course from any format. We can help you to take even the most out of date training or induction booklet and turn it into an online course that will meet the needs of your learner audience.

We are experts in managing the change process and can even work with your subject matter experts to ensure your course is created professionally and on time.

ID Cards

We produce and distribute ID cards to contractors all across the world. When purchasing Rapid Contractor Management you have the option to include a swipe (data enabled) ID card for your workers.

ID cards are fully branded with your logo and and processed with the contractor’s name and details. Our solutions include the option for your contractor management system to include a swipe card reader for easy sign in and sign out of workers on site. Cards can include a QR code for easy data capture without the need for bulky hardware.

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Alcohol Breath
Tester Units

When your workers get to site, how do you know if they are under the influence of alcohol? In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. This is especially true for those in the transport, mining and manufacturing industries, where one wrong move or slow reaction could be fatal.

Rapid Global and Alcolizer

At Rapid Global, we have integrated with suppliers of alcohol breath testing units to develop an effective solution. Workers arrive to site and begin the sign-in process at a Rapid Access terminal. If they have all necessary documents uploaded, inductions completed, and are deemed by the client as an approved contracting company, then they are prompted to complete a breath test. A negative reading allows the worker entry to site, while a positive reading denies the worker site entry, with a report automatically sent to the site manager.

Electronic Key Management Systems

What is your existing practice for making sure only the right person gets the key to your site or asset? Many companies have convoluted processes where multiple people are handling one key, resulting in time wastage and sometimes keys getting lost. In order to maintain the security of your site and company assets, it is important that you take the necessary precautions.

For those who have workers arriving on site at any hour of the day or night, installing a key cabinet means you don’t need to have a second person there waiting to hand the key over. This saves you money and time! The securely-planted key management box means you can have peace of mind that those keys aren’t going anywhere except into the hands of those they belong to. When a worker tries to sign on, the Rapid system sends information to the electronic key management unit advising whether the worker and their company is compliant or not. If they are, then access to the key can be gained. If they aren’t, the worker is unable to access the key or site.

API Integrations

Does your company need a way to integrate the data from your Rapid Global database with other software? At Rapid Global, we recognise the importance of immediate and easy data accessibility. We know businesses rely upon a variety of third-party software solutions integrating together to achieve integral goals in their day-to-day operations. With this in mind, we have developed an Application Programming Interface (API) which serves as the underlying technology allowing your business to access your data with ease from your Rapid Global suite of products. A seamless integration of this nature is appealing not only for its efficiency and ease but also its diversity; because in today’s world software helps connect people and businesses.

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