Rapid Contractor Management is a centalised real-time dashboard to manage contractors and ensure workplace compliance 24/7

Software solutions to simplify contractor management

Centralised real-time dashboard to manage contractors and ensure workplace compliance 24/7.

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About Rapid Contractor Management Software

Would implementing a more efficient and centralised contractor lifecycle management system help your company?

Rapid Contractor Management software lets you manage the entire lifecycle of your contractors from a centralised location. Our online contractor management software is perfect for companies of any size who engage contractors. They enable you to issue pre-qualification forms, determine contractor compliance, store all company documents online, and track expiry dates.


Efficiently onboard and manage your contractors

Rapid Contractor Management software helps you customise your pre-qualification questionnaire to suit any personnel type. Issue the form online, with the supplier compliance software automatically identifying areas the contractor has responded as non-compliant in.


View contractor documents and insurances

Contractor management verification software has never been easier to use! Review and approve or reject contractor documents once the contracting company administrator uploads them. Refer to them when required by searching for them in Rapid Contractor Management.


Centralise your data storage online

Our easy-to-use dashboard can improve your supplier risk management and mitigate risks. Quickly find the contractor information you need. View at a glance what a contractor company is and isn’t qualified to do.

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    Be more productive

    Gain efficiency and productivity using Rapid Contractor Management software


    Track expiry dates

    Rapid Contractor Management is a leading contractor compliance management software that tracks expiry dates and contractor compliance for you.


    Automatically send reminder emails

    The contractor management software sends emails to the contracting company administrator when it is time to update their licences and documents. Automatically mark them as ‘non-compliant’ if not uploaded within the timeframe.


    Verify contractor compliance

    Determine the compliance of your subcontracting companies by asking questions in the pre-qualification form.


    View inductees within a contractor company

    View all the inductees associated with a specific company when integrated with Rapid Induct, giving you a complete contractor safety learning management solution.


    Assign varying administrator rights

    Alter the rights of your administrators depending on your requirements, from viewing contracting company licences to verifying or rejecting them.

    Do more, achieve more

    Our contractor lifecycle management software empowers you to:


    Issue a customisable pre-qualification questionnaire form


    Collect contractor documents and licences


    Review and approve or reject documents


    Automatically send messages about document expiry


    Get real-time reporting for current contractor status


    Find and view company information from your mobile


    Automatically suspend companies for non-compliance


    Store all contractor related information in a centralised location


    Search for companies by specific criteria


    Suspend a company for observed performance issues


    Ensure compliance with workplace health and safety laws


    Make contractor management licensing easy


    Gain efficiency through the Rapid App

    Rapid Global Admin Tools App

    Use the app connected to our online contractor management software to search for contracting companies, view company details and insurances, approve or reject documents, issue a new contractor registration request, suspend a company for observed performance issues, deactivate or reactivate a company.


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    Get to know our powerful software tools to improve workforce management and safety.

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    Go Further

    Run your business at its best, every time

    Rapid Contractor Management software is a powerful tool on its own but is even better when integrated with other Rapid software. All Rapid software solutions are customisable for any industry and businesses of any size.

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