Rapid Go contactless visitor software

Enhance site safety and security with a streamlined visitor sign-in system

Sign in and screen visitors quickly and easily with Rapid GO, a contactless sign-in and screening software that lets you track site visitors in real-time, and guard against unauthorised entry.

Gain Instant Access | Rapid GO

Gain instant access

Simply create an account and control access to your sites without the need for additional hardware.

Contactless check in | Rapid GO

Contactless check in

Fast track your visitor check-ins and reduce the spread of infections in your workplace by going contactless.

Real-time 24/7 Dashboard

Real-time 24/7 dashboard

Get real-time site visibility of everyone on site with live dashboards and reports on your mobile or desktop.

See how you can streamline your visitor management process

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Save time with automations | Rapid GO

Save time with automation

Throw out paper timesheets! Receive immediate notification of visitor arrival. Instantly view & manage data of everyone onsite, plus view historical records.

Improve emergency evacuations | Rapid GO

Improve emergency evacuations

Send automatic evacuation messages to personnel on site & get ‘safe’ messages when they reach the muster point. Get instant clarity of who is accounted for.

Manage all visitor types | Rapid GO

Manage all visitor types

A single solution to easily check-in and manage all types of visitors including contractors, employees, customers, and clients.

Integrate with existing solutions

Integrate with existing solutions

Make use of Rapid’s powerful native integrations to streamline workplace safety, compliance, and risk management processes.

We understand the importance of having an efficient solution that protects your organisation against unauthorised entry

This is why we are proud to be helping 1000+ organisations in Australia and globally to reduce risk and gain complete control over visitor management. Everyday, Rapid helps leading organisations to keep their workplaces safe.

Rapid Global client AMP Capital
Wilmar Sugar
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Features to simplify your day


Manage multiple visitor types such as visitors, contractors, and employees


Tailored sign-in requirements for different visitor types


Pre-screen site visitors with customised entry questions


Notify on-site personnel of visitor arrival and non-compliant entry attempts


Upload and store documents online using secure cloud-based software


Conduct emergency evacuations and review event information


Configurable automated reporting on site entry details


Enable GPS sign-in to ensure people are in the correct location

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Enhance site safety

Deploy to experience the benefits of a modular, integrated visitor management system. Gain more visibility and control in your workplace.
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Infection control | Rapid GO
Improve Site Safety

Manage infection control and keep your workplace COVID-19 safe

Document Management

Document management

Upload and manage vaccination certificates and documentation

Government apps

Government apps

Links with State Government contact tracing systems

Contact tracing

Contact tracing

Quickly identify and trace suspected cases for contact tracing

Capacity Management

Capacity management

Easily manage site capacity restrictions and social distancing

“Because our site is spread out, getting everyone to one muster point quickly and safely is extremely important to us.”

David Hook, Maintenance Superintendent, Adchem

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the system can notify site contacts for various reasons e.g. visitor arrivals, denied entries and many more.

No, the site visitor simply scans the QR code with their smart phone which will navigate them to the site entry requirements.

Yes, Rapid GO can link to other Rapid Global products like Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management for compliance checking and Rapid Permit To Work for users to submit work orders.

Yes, different workflows can be configured so there can be a tailored experience for different visitor types, for instance visitors, contractors, and employees can use the same QR code and have a varied entry sequence.

Rapid GO allows visitors to sign in via GPS, with the radius to sign in being configurable per site.

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