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Contactless visitor sign-in. Scan, check-in and go!

A simple out of the box contactless sign-in solution

Seamless Site Entry Check In


No additional hardware required


Know who is on site at all times


Track visitors in real time


Report on who is on site and for how long


Provides contact tracing records


Screen high risk visitors


Identify infection risks such as international travel


Ideal for unmanned sites


Track Visitor Movement

RapidGo allows you to track visitors in real-time. You’ll have access to detailed reports which show who is on your site at any given time and how much time individual people spent on site.

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Making Your Workplace Safer For Everyone

RapidGo is an essential tool to manage infection controls at your workplace.


Screen visitors on arrival to discover their travel history, recent quarantine orders and exposure to illness.


Add custom sign-in questions relevant to your workplace.

Approve or deny access to visitors who fail your pre-entry questionnaire.

Notify hosts when a visitor arrives or is denied entry.

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Empowering you to protect your workplace

Reduce the risk to your workplace with on site contact tracing!

Instantly retrieve data on:


How many times the visitor was on site before and after their infectious period

The duration of their visit (time in and time out)


Who was on site at the same time as the infected person

User Experience

How does RapidGo contactless visitor
work?

RapidGo contactless visitor sign-in system is incredibly simple to use. The system can be deployed rapidly. If you needed your sign-in system set up yesterday then you are going to love RapidGo.

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