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Contractor Management Software

What Is Rapid Contractor Management?

Vicinity Centres Contractor Management

You can include a branded login screen designed to suit your company profile.

Rapid Contractor Management is an award winning online Australian Contractor Management system that allows businesses to effectively manage contractors.

Our Contractor Management system is the most efficient way for businesses to collect contractors’ documentation to ensure they are compliant with legislation. Rapid Contractor Management is a fully hosted online software system designed to manage every aspect of contractor operations, from pre-qualification and license collection, through to ongoing performance management.

Managing contractor compliance becomes a streamlined process with our state of the art compliance management system. Our Contractor Management software enables you to collect, verify and track all the information you need for each contractor and supplier, including:

  • Company details
  • ABN
  • Insurance cover
  • Work-cover registration
  • Safety Systems, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and more…
Rapid Contractor Status Macbook

Dashboard display for easy viewing of all contractors, inductees and documents.

  • Add new supplier

  • Supplier registration pre-qualification + documents

  • Verify documents

  • Approve

  • Induction / training

  • Person presents to site

  • Swipe card at entry

  • Entry permitted / not permitted

Contractor Compliance and Performance

Rapid Contractor Detailed Graphics

Managing contractors has never been easier, with Rapid Contractor Management. This fully functional contractor compliance management software enables clients to verify all contractor information to ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety laws.

The Gatekeeper
Our Contractor Management system is not just about the pre-qualification of contractors, but is a running gatekeeper to ensure your business is on top of its contractor obligations at all times.

When using our Contractor Management system, contracted companies are able to self manage their company information including their safety and compliance management systems documentation. Issued with their own contractor portal, contractor companies can self initiate inductions for their staff and sub-contractors, helping to make your workload even lighter.

Insurances and Licenses Verified
When using our Contractor Management system, contractor insurances, certificates and licenses can be uploaded and verified with the expiry date tracked, and alerts sent when renewal is due. Furthermore, when using our Contractor Management software in conjunction with our swipe card access system, you can stop uninsured contractors from entering your site.

Controlling Contractor Risks
We’ve set the standard for e-document tracking. Rapid Contractor Management has the ability to highlight those contractors working with expired documents. Our software has even led to suspensions being issued to offenders, and prevented workplaces being exposed to the hazards posed by uninsured contractors. Business Awards Finalist
The only system with integrated performance review functionality enabling you to benchmark the contractor’s performance.
Rapid Contractor Management Features.

More than just software, Rapid Contractor Management partners
with you to achieve your goal of work health safety compliance,
incorporating features such as:

  • Provides an online accessible system to manage contractors through the pre-qualification of credentials, collection and verification of documents, insurances and certificates.

  • Provides a method of consultation and collaboration with contractors to ensure overall safety of the workplace is improved, maintained and compliant with WHS laws.

  • Allows collection of individual and company documents as required (i.e. licenses and certificates).

  • Ensures records relating to contractors are consistently documented and centrally stored.

  • Dashboard for information at a glance and easy management of all your data.

  • Ensures workplace safety information is accessible 24/7 via online induction and online publication of safety material (accessed via inductee homepage and contractor portal).

  • Automated email reminders let contractors know when documents are about to expire.

  • Tracks expiry dates of all collected information, induction and training.

  • Is able to include plastic data enabled ID cards with a QR code.

  • Able to include Rapid Performance Review for the ongoing management of contractor key performance indicators (KPIs) and assessments.

  • Offers 1800 number phone support for learners and administrators.

  • Integrates with Rapid Access Systems for sign in - sign out site access including alcohol testing units and key safe dispensers.

Rapid Contractor Management is not just about the pre-qualification of contractors but is a running gatekeeper to ensure your business is on top of its contractor obligations at all times.
What Makes Rapid Contractor Management Different?

Rapid Contractor Management Australia is a pioneer of the online pre-qualifying questionnaire for contractors, thus ensuring contractors are assessed for compliance and level of risk before being engaged to work. This award winning software system provides seamless and continual lifecycle management of contractors, from registration and assessment for contractor compliance to document control and induction and ongoing performance review.

It is the only system with integrated performance review functionality enabling you to benchmark the contractor’s performance.

Set KPIs, track their performance and rate and review your suppliers and contractors. Now you can have greater understanding of your overall contractor productivity, safety and performance.

Rapid Contractor Management Worker

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