Rapid Contractor Management Features

With all the features you need for full end-to-end contractor management, Rapid Contractor Management is the perfect solution to your contractor needs. From pre-qualification and registration to ongoing management and document control to performance reviews, Rapid Global’s contractor management software contains many powerful features to help you take control of your workforce.

Features for Contractor Management 

Manage every aspect of your contractor workforce and requirements with ease using a range of powerful software features included in Rapid Contractor Management. Our specialised contractor management software features include:

  • Visual dashboard. On login, administrators see a simple dashboard displaying key information for your contractor workforce, inductees and documents all in one place.
  • Contractor pre-qualification. Verify details like credentials, documents, insurances and certificates to pre-qualify your contractors online.
  • Self-initiated inductions. Contractor companies you set up can initiate inductions for their own staff & subcontractors, reducing your own workload.
  • Review contractor performance. By including Rapid Performance Review with Rapid Contractor Management, you can take control of the ongoing management of your contractors, set KPIs and perform regular assessments.

Features for Contractor Compliance

Ensuring your contractors are compliant with legislation, regulations and Workplace Health & Safety requirements doesn’t need to be a struggle. Rapid Contractor Management comes with a range of features designed to improve contractor compliance such as:

  • All your contractor information in one place. From their company details, ABN, insurance cover, to work-cover information and more, request, verify and retain all the critical information for all of your contractors.
  • Document verification. When contractors upload their documents, including licences and insurance, your team is able to verify them as part of the pre-qualification process. For companies that would like to outsource this element, Rapid Global even offers a full contractor verification service.
  • Track document renewals. In addition, Rapid Contractor Management tracks when documents, licences, insurance and certificates are due to expire and will alert stakeholders to ensure they are renewed before they lapse. Companies with expired documents are automatically deemed non-compliant to prevent them from working on site without the correct documentation.
  • Automated email reminders. To let contractors know when their documents are about to expire, so they can take responsibility for renewing them.

Features for Workplace Safety

A better contractor workforce is a safer contractor workforce. Rapid Contractor Management includes a range of features designed to improve Workplace Health & Safety, such as

  • Easy access to vital safety information. The Contractor Portal gives you and your workforce access to workplace safety information 24/7 via online inductions and publication of safety material.
  • Rapid Access Systems integration. Only allow contractors who you approve to access your worksites. By integrating with our swipe card site access system, you can ensure that contractors who aren’t insured, or who otherwise aren’t approved by you, are not able to access your worksites.
  • Contractor collaboration platform. Rapid Contractor Management provides a method of consulting and collaborating with your contractors, to find ways of improving the overall safety of the workplace and compliance with WHS requirements.
  • Rapid Global App. The App provides both your workers, contractors and staff with immediate access to training material, safety procedures and other documentation. Managers are able to use the App to conduct ‘on the spot’ checks of contractors to ensure their individual training and documents as well as their company insurances are up to date.

Features for Accurate Record Keeping

Make sure your contractor records are always accurate and complete with Rapid Contractor’s range of features for record keeping, including:

  • Critical document collection. Rapid Contractor Management allows the collection of documents for individual contractors and companies as required – including licences and certificates.
  • Central repository of records. Ensure that all records relating to contractors are centrally and securely stored in one place for easy access should you ever need them.
  • Expiry date tracking. Rapid Contractor Management tracks the expiry dates of all collected information, induction and training so you can identify what is and isn’t current with ease.

Arrange your free demonstration of our Contractor Management System today. See for yourself how Rapid Contractor Management’s powerful features work to make managing your contractor workforce easier, more consistent, more reliable and compliant.

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