Keep up with the latest product updates!

24th Sep – New scheduled reports is here, the toolbox talk is now on Rapid Access and the Rapid Induct App gets new features.
17th Sep -Need a COVID-19 course refresher? We have pre-written courses available
15th Sep – The new Rapid Incident Reporting Dashboard is coming.
9th Sep – We have made RapidGo even more flexible
13th Aug – Upload flu vaccination certificates with the Rapid Access Terminal, Rapid Induct Toolbox Talk, Your all-in-one report!
22nd July – Send emails to your contractors without leaving your portal, Rapid Auditor admin settings and Rapid Induct document upload get a new look.
25th June – Rapid Contractor Management pre-qualification questionnaire, Rapid Induct personnel types and the Rapid API.
28th May – Rapid Induct Updates: Trainee Requirements Page, New Courses Page, Survey tool, File Manager. Permit-to-Work gets new filters.
20th April – Rapid Induct: File Manager gets an update. Rapid Risk gets a new feature: Audit Control Measures.
6th April – Rapid Contractor: Inform staff of COVID-19 updates with the notification feature. Rapid Access: Use custom forms to screen visitors. Rapid Induct gets a new feature: Admin Roles. Rapid Incident search filter gets an update.
23rd March – Rapid Induct scheduled reports beta is ready. Rapid Contractor: Set default personnel types, SWMS Checklist. Rapid Access has a new feature: The on-site label.
11th March – Rapid Induct: The new trainee portal is here, administrator view only forms. Rapid Contractor: Changes to your e-form resubmission term. Rapid Permit-To-Work: pre-approval of work orders and the new dashboard.