What if you could address incidents before they happen?

You can by reporting behavioural observations to improve safety behaviours.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Employee Behaviour.

The most important factor impacting a business’s safety management is employee behaviour – the majority of incidents in the workplace are the result of poor behavioural choices.  Improving safety culture by addressing behaviours requires the use of behavioural observations and conversations across the business.  The ability to identify behavioural trends enables businesses to move upstream from incidents and target at risk behaviours before they cause harm.

How Your Business Can Improve Safety Through Collecting Behavioural Observation Data.  It’s easier than you think!

By using an online incident reporting system to seamlessly collect behavioural observation data via an intuitive online form, your business can be quickly on the way to improving safety behaviours amongst workers. The data can then be analysed to identify the root cause of high risk and/or high frequency behaviours. Within the tool, behavioural inventories can be developed for multiple functional areas throughout your business.  This enables you to customise at risk behaviours unique to a particular area or division.

How It Works

Behavioural observations are easily entered into the Rapid Incident Reporting software.  Observations record behaviours as Safe, Unsafe or Not Applicable.  Each behaviour deemed at risk records a level of risk and descriptor outlining what occurred, why it occurred and actions taken.  Action items are tracked until closed.

Data can easily be analysed to determine the percentage of safe and percentage of at risk behaviours.  Businesses can drill down in the data to determine the cause of high risk and/or high frequency behaviours.  Corrective actions can then be developed to address the behaviours and reduce incidents.


Our expert partners SafetyMind regularly run webinars to provide insightful information on how businesses can benefit from behavioural safety.

SafetyMind Rapid Global partner

Rapid Global partners with SafetyMind.com.au to provide expert understanding of how to apply behavioural data analysis to improve safety and correct unsafe practices.

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