Rapid Induct Features

The most advanced software for training and inducting both staff and contractors on the market, Rapid Induct is packed with powerful product features. Discover how Rapid Global’s online induction system features are designed to ensure your entire workforce is consistently trained, inducted, compliant and safe on the job.

Features for Training Staff and Contractors

Guarantee high-quality, consistent training of your workforce regardless of the number of sites and job types in your organisation. Rapid Induct includes contractor and employee training software features such as:

  • Easy-to-use online course builder. Add training modules, create questionnaires, forms, checklists and surveys easily from any internet-enabled device and distribute it to anyone in your organisation.
  • Media-rich training. Improve learning outcomes by add videos, images, audio, text and Flash elements to training and induction courses.
  • Pre-built course library. Ready-to-go professionally-written training courses on essential workplace topics like Safe Manual Handling, Hazard Management, WHS and more means you can train new staff with a single click.
  • Highly functional training matrix. Our online induction software tracks who has been trained in what, and when to ensure that the right people get the right training at the right time. This feature can also manage scheduling of any required refresher courses.
  • Centralised control of workplace induction and training courses for consistent delivery to your workforce.

Features for Compliance

With a range of features to improve your compliance, Rapid Induct is the ideal online induction software solution to assist you with your compliance requirements and build a robust compliance program. Compliance features include:

  • Complete and accurate records of all workplace induction and training – should you ever need them. The induction system securely and centrally stores certificates for each learner and inductee. The records include information such as declaration, pass score, checklist and questions.
  • Tracking of key expiry and renewal dates. Rapid Induct tracks expiry and renewal dates of all collated information including certificates and licences. This ensures refresher courses are easily scheduled and you never have to worry about staff or contractors who haven’t been trained and inducted working on-site.
  • Regular reporting keeps you on top of the pulse of your workforce. The online induction software allows reporting to all staff and stakeholders daily or weekly, so you can identify compliance risk areas and plan actions before they become issues.
  • Integrates with swipe card and contractor verification systems so you can be sure that the only people who can access your work sites have been properly trained and inducted.
  • Electronic signature is available in every course to ensure workers and contractors have legally signed off and agreed to abide by conditions of employment on site.

Features for Contractor Induction

Get your contractors inducted and on the job faster with Rapid Induct’s features for contractor management, including:

  • Unlimited workplace induction and training courses.
  • Easy-to-use online course builder. Create induction courses, add modules, forms and rich-media elements easily from any computer.
  • Remotely induct contractors 24/7. Create induction materials centrally and simply send contractors their login details to be inducted. The Rapid Induct contractor portal is accessible from any internet-enabled device at any time.
  • Instant access to inductee records. Check inductee status and certificates on the spot with the Rapid Global app, included with the online induction software and available for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Flexibility for individual sites & teams. Especially when different sites have different requirements, managers can manage their own courses and report on their own personnel independently if required.
  • Contractor-specific tools built into Rapid Induct software.

Features for Admin & Management 

As well as improving your training, induction and compliance outcomes; Rapid Induct is designed to make your life easier with special features for administrators such as:

  • Set permission and security levels for key personnel based on their job roles, responsibilities or seniority.
  • Easy document sharing. Share documents including important safety information with inductees and companies.
  • Multi site and multi administrator capabilities.
  • Customisation. Rapid Induct can be set up to suit businesses of any size and industry, plus the portal can be personalised with your own branding.
  • Admin and user support. Rapid Global’s 1800 number phone support is available for users and administrators.

Use Rapid Induct with Rapid Global’s Contractor Management Software or Access System Solution to unleash the full potential of these powerful features.

Arrange your free demonstration of Rapid Global’s online induction system today. See for yourself how Rapid Induct’s powerful features work to make induction, training & ensuring compliance easier than ever.

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