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Permit To Work Software

What is Rapid Permit to Work?

What if your workers and contractors could request work permits online? What if your team could validate and issue any type of work permit from their computer, iPad or tablet? You can with Rapid Permit To Work from Rapid Global.

This fully hosted online permit to work software system allows for the request, creation and issue of online work permits, such as confined space entry, working at heights, and hot work permits to name a few. Any permit that is required to be issued can be included in this online system ensuring all permit records are consolidated and centrally stored.

Work permits are centrally located for each job or work order, along with other essential information such as safe work method statements or job safety and environmental analysis forms. When the job is completed the permit to work forms are closed and any issues/hazards are reported.

Looking for lost paperwork, either during the job or at audit time, is now a problem of the past. Fully hosted, the online Rapid Permit To Work system ensures your contractor companies are able to request any relevant permits for high risk work including excavation, high voltage, working at heights, working in confined space, and hot work permits, before they start the job.

Rapid Global’s permit management software also includes iPad and tablet compatibility providing excellent mobile access for managers and administrators.

Typical permits include:

  • Hot work permit

  • Entry into confined spaces

  • Excavation / break-in

  • Working at heights / on roofs

  • Electrical work

  • All clearance certificates

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Rapid Global Products Integration

Integration with your existing systems or third party software is available. Rapid Permit To Work can also be combined with other Rapid Global software solutions to create greater efficiencies and perform related tasks. Complementary products include:

Rapid Induct online learning management system for the creation and delivery of online induction and training courses.

Rapid Contractor Management online contractor management software for the control of contractor compliance.

Rapid Access Systems for the control of site access to compliant, inducted and relevant personnel only.

Rapid Visitor Access for the recording of visitors on site including short induction and emergency evacuation list.

Ask us how Rapid Global can tailor a custom package from our suite of complementary products. Call 1800 307 595.

Rapid Permit To Work is simply the most efficient way of issuing permits to get the right people on the job faster.
Rapid Permit to Work Features.
  • Permits requested online by contractor.

  • Easy online access for all workers to request work permits.

  • All permits are able to be customised and included in the system.

  • Managers are notified immediately via email when a permit request for their area is submitted for approval.

  • Provides reliable and consistent data evidence of permits issued.

  • Paperwork is able to be attached to work orders or jobs and stored in the system.

Main Benefits:

  • Simple to use and customisable to any business or industry.
  • Able to incorporate all permit types.
  • Ensures permits can be easily requested by contractors and employees through an online form.
  • Significantly improves the communication process for requesting of permits and ensures all permits are stored centrally across the organisation.
  • Provides a paper trail for all permits requested, approved or rejected.
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Rapid Permit To Work. Where compliance meets simplicity.
How Rapid Permit To Work Operates.
  1. Contractor completes Permit To Work form at point of entry tablet / iPad or offsite via web portal
  2. Permit request is sent to the responsible host
  3. Responsible host views all permit information for compliance
  4. Permit approved (or rejected) and notification sent to contractor
  5. Work / task completed by contractor who then signs out
  6. Responsible host notified of job completion and verifies compliance
Rapid Permit To Work Software

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