What is Rapid Service Alert?

Rapid Global has developed its Rapid Service Alert software for the easy management of scheduling, allocating and tracking repetitive maintenance and service tasks. Our online maintenance scheduling software is reliable and easy to use so that you get the right people, on the right job, at the right time.

Set scheduled tracking and plan regular maintenance tasks such as preventative maintenance, audits or reviews of contracts with notifications and alerts delivered directly to the responsible staff member, contractor or supplier online. All you need is internet access and you are ready to start scheduling and allocating tasks.


Rapid Service Alert Product Features

Set a task in the system and indicate the frequency of the task with any associated notes, documents or actions. Once the worker completes the task, you can check the completion status with the option to close or reject. Future tasks are then automatically created for the next due date on the schedule, making task management organised and adaptable to your business’ needs.

Rapid Service Alert offers a variety of additional features including:

  • Free of charge to start
  • Delivering instant notifications for service requirements to contractors and internal staff (when internet access is available)
  • The ability to attach worksheets, procedures and clearance certificates to each task so they can be referenced by workers at any time during the completion of a project.
  • The ability to set regular reminders for audits, fire inspections, emergency drills and checklists. By implementing a scheduling system for small and large tasks you can ensure that your staff is paying attention to detail so that your business can run at its best every time.
  • Gain optimal performance when used in conjunction with Rapid Hazard Management software, ensuring hazardous areas are regularly serviced and controlled. If something does occur on your site, you will have a record documented online that could be helpful if necessary to share with law enforcement or an insurance company.

Implementing Rapid Service Alert software takes the guesswork out of task management. Whether the duties are big or small, we understand that getting things done and creating a process that holds employees accountable can make all the difference for a business.

By creating regular schedules that are documented online, centralised and easy to access, you create a powerful tool for your business that can help reduce your risk, be prepared for emergencies, stay on the right side of the law and impress your clients.

Request your free demo of Rapid Global’s service and maintenance management software and experience the difference in your business today.

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