Access Intelligence Portables


Improve your site’s contractor compliance and induction throughput with Access Intelligence portables. Powered by Rapid’s award-winning Rapid Access software, Access Intelligence brings electronic efficiency to contractor management and site safety inductions whilst providing a secure site check-in/out process that radically improves security and evacuation processes.


Portable housing site access
  1. Contracting companies are invited to register entirely online
  2. Site manager reviews the contractor’s application and approves company or requests more information
  3. Contract workers complete inductions online on their own device using Rapid Induct prior to arrival
  4. Workers register their attendance upon arrival to site each by checking in to the Rapid Access Terminal located in the portables integrated induction room, or via the Rapid Access App
  5. The contractor is instantly sent a PIN via SMS, which they enter at the turnstile to gain entry into the site. At the same time, an instant SMS is sent to the host on site advising of the visitor arrival. A wearable label can be printed at this point as well
  6. Worker leaves site by keying in their PIN at the turnstile.

All personnel entering site are electronically logged on Rapid Access, which includes added security through Visium’s in-built CCTV monitoring. This hosted access control solution automatically determines the time-frame in which personnel can access site, ensuring your site is secure at all times. Need quick access? No problem, just nominate certain staff members to have proximity access control cards.


Real-time reporting of personnel site attendance is available any time using the Rapid Global Admin Tools App. The App also provides automated evacuation messages in an emergency via broadcast SMS. Personnel can then text back as ‘Safe’ when they reach the muster point, which updates their status in the App in real-time. Furthermore, using the Rapid Access App, personnel can register their attendance at site from their mobile and receive their PIN for access through the turnstile.

Access Intelligence Portables benefits: CCTV monitoring, automatic SMS for visitor arrival, and trusted security


The portable is a 20 foot container with two bi-directional turnstiles, a break-out fire exit, and wheelchair access. Inside there is a 2.1 x 2.4 metre induction room, including a standing desk, air-conditioning, power, and room for two Rapid Access terminals (sold separately by Rapid Global). The system is provided with 3G/4G communications, web services and support.

Personnel using the turnstiles are able to use them to both sign-in and out using the reader. High-resolution CCTV provides additional security and assistance in PPE auditing through its coverage of the entry and exit points, as well as the actual induction room.


  • 240V power connection (to be directed through the built-in switchboard)
  • Windows laptop required for CCTV review
  • Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Access (sold separately by Rapid Global)