How to Purchase MyRapid Credits

Some Rapid Global Clients require you to Purchase Credits before issuing Induction Keys to new workers or to re-induct existing workers. Credits must be purchased using a valid credit card.

If you have no Purchase Credits button in your contractor portal and your profile is ‘Up to Date’, you can proceed to issue Induction Keys.

To purchase credits:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Purchase Credits’ tab which can be found from the left-hand menu of your contractor portal.

Note: You may also have a tab called ‘Purchase Card Credits’. These credits are different and must only be purchased when you need a plastic contractor card reprinted for one of your workers.

Purchase Credits Tab - Contractor Support

Step 2: Complete all fields

Purchase Credits form - Contractor Support

Step 3: Click ‘Purchase’ at the bottom of the page

Credits will be available immediately once purchased so you can proceed to issue Induction Keys to your workers from the ‘Issue Induction Key’ tab.