Improve compliance and reduce risk with an online permit to work solution

Ensure your most hazardous tasks are performed safetly, efficiently, and in compliance with Rapid’s Permit To Work software.

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About Rapid’s permit to work

What if your workers could request work permits online and your team could validate and issue permits from their devices?

Rapid’s online permit to work solution streamlines the process of issuing permits and managing the safety of your workers. It enables your organisation to gain control over high safety risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Our online permit to work solution ensures you reduce health and safety compliance risks.

Rapid Permit To Work effortlessly supports the entire lifecycle of every permit and work authorisation, and is customisable to any industry and businesses of any size. To be used with Rapid’s other safety management software, such as Rapid Contractor Management, Rapid Induct and Rapid Access.

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Issue online permits

Go paperless and save time

Rather than losing time looking for lost paperwork, either on-site or at audit time, go paperless!
Rapid Permit To Work enables your workers to submit work permits and request authorisation for site access online. Workers can submit work permits from their phone or tablet before arrival, or at the site entry point upon arrival. Ensure that only appropriate people are authorised to carry out the designated work.

Intelligent and adaptable

Customise work order forms for any work type

Rapid Permit To Work supports all work permit types. Use our confined space work permit system for better health and safety management. Our system includes hot work permit issuing software, working at heights, excavation and break-in, and many more. Include any required permit in this electronic system and manage all your work authorisation records efficiently.

View and approve work orders

Manage your work orders online using Rapid Permit To Work software

Use our web-enabled safety system to access work orders on your computer. When you’re away from your desk, you can use the Rapid App from anywhere.
Provide other administrators from your company with access to manage work orders. You can specify the level of permission each administrator can have to create, approve or reject work orders. Get an alert if the worker makes any changes to an approved work order.

Get this and more with Rapid One

Access all Rapid products for an end-to-end safety solution that includes advanced AI features, along with all the tools and integrations you need to manage safety more efficiently, for one simple subscription.

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    Be more productive

    Gain efficiency and productivity using Rapid Permit To Work


    Submit only one permit or form for multiple contractors

    Have multiple inducted personnel working on the same job? Submit and approve one permit for all workers from one company to sign in and commence high-risk work on site.


    Have an online central location for all your permits

    Store documents in the online central repository along with all other information related to the work order. A great way to store work permits and safe work method statements.


    Automate job closure and incident notifications

    Automatically send safety alerts and notifications to site management notifying them of any issues or hazards reported during the process.


    Meet your compliance obligations

    Provide reliable and consistent data evidence of permits requested, approved or rejected. Ensure a standardised approach and provide greater management process control.

    Do more, achieve more

    Our permit system empowers you to:


    Create and issue online work permits such as confined space entry, working at heights, hot and cold work, and electrical work


    Receive high-risk work permit requests from your workers


    Collect and store all necessary documentation


    Centrally store all work permits in one place


    Report issues or hazards after the work is complete


    Gain control over high risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations.

    Health and Safety app

    Gain efficiency through
    our Rapid App

    Rapid Global Admin Tools App

    Use the Rapid Global health and safety app to effortlessly create new work orders, review existing permits using filters such as location and date range, achieve an overall view of all work orders using the dashboard, see documents attached to a work order such as SWMS or JSEAs.

    Rapid Global Admin Tools

    Ready to learn more about our software?

    Get to know our powerful software tools to improve workforce management and safety.

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