Rapid Contractor Management

Transform and streamline how you manage contractors with this tailored system

End-to-end contractor management software solution with real-time dashboards and features to help you ensure workforce compliance 24/7.

One Modular Solution

One modular solution

A fully integrated contractor management system that can be intelligently adapted to suit the unique needs of your business and industry.

Real-time 24/7 Dashboard

Real-time 24/7 dashboard

Enjoy assurance with our contractor compliance solution. Know the status of every contractor through live dashboards and reports, on your desktop or mobile device.

Rapid Global is ISO27001 certified

Higher safety & compliance

Manage contractor compliance in accordance with OHS legislation, and the ability to automatically suspend companies for non-compliance.

See how you can streamline all steps of the contractor management lifecycle

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Save time with automation

Save time with automation

From registration to ongoing document control, let Rapid’s contractor management system do all the heavy lifting for you.

Improve compliance

Improve contractor compliance

Verify and manage contractor compliance, insurance, SSoW and inductees all from a single screen. Be well-prepared for audits or accreditation checks.

Speed up workflows

Speed up workflows

From pre-qualification to ongoing contractor management, reduce team workload, so you can focus on bigger risk management strategies.

Centralise document storage

Centralise document storage

Go paperless: collect, store and manage all types of contractor documents in one online place. Store them in Rapid’s contractor management system permanently.

Get this and more with Rapid One

Access all Rapid products for an end-to-end safety solution that includes advanced AI features, along with all the tools and integrations you need to manage safety more efficiently, for one simple subscription.

We understand how important it is to have an efficient solution that protects your organisation from compliance failures

This is why we are proud to be helping 1000+ organisations around the world to reduce risks and gain complete control over managing contractors. Every day, Rapid helps leading organisations manage over 100,000+ contractor companies and prevent hundreds of compliance violations.

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How Rapid can help you


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You’ll be connected with a member of the Rapid team who will ask you about your situation and requirements, and organise a time to meet.


See features important to you

You’ll receive a personalised demonstration of Rapid Contractor Management to highlight the features and benefits most relevant to you.


Manage contractors efficiently

Deploy to experience the benefits of a modular, integrated contractor management software solution. Gain more visibility & control across the entire process.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. When your organisation implements Rapid’s contractor management software your system will be handled by a dedicated Project Co-ordinator. This individual will provide your team with training on how to use the system.

Yes, our system can integrate with almost any third-party platform via a RESTful API. This has proven to be highly beneficial in streamlining processes and maximising contractor scheduling and management.

Rapid’s contractor management system can retrieve real-time data for company information like registration status, document status, and much more. The reports can be filtered and scheduled to provide the data that is relevant for you when you need it.

Yes, the requirements for pre-qualification and work type can be customised based on the contractors you engage with. This includes different aspects such as document collection, pre-qualification questions and company information.

Yes, Rapid Global has a UK based Client Services team who can be contacted 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday via phone or email.

Free Guide

What could your team accomplish if they had more time?

This free business guide offers relevant considerations and tools our clients are using to streamline their contractor management processes, mitigate risks and scale their operations.

Business Guide - The Future of Contractor Management

“Contractor compliance has increased 110 fold since implementing the products. Rapid Contractor Management is a big part of our risk management strategy.”

— Rohan Geyser, EHS Superintendent, Wilmar Sugar

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You’ll be in control of contractor management while on the go with the Rapid app

Use the app connected to our online contractor management software system to search for construction companies, manage jobs for electricians or other trades, view company details and insurances, approve or reject documents, issue a new contractor registration request, suspend a company for observed performance issues, deactivate or reactivate a company.

Rapid Admin app

Ready for a new approach to contractor compliance management?

If you’re ready for a new way to manage contractors that will give you more time to be on site or out in the field, and have a better overview of your processes then request a demo today.