Contractor management and sign-in software for mining

Manage onboarding new contractors, induct workers and miners, monitor site access and report incidents using Rapid software solutions.

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Working in the mining industry can be risky. How do you ensure health and safety is the top priority within your workforce?

Working in the mining industry can pose several risks on an ongoing basis. All personnel entering a mine site need to be correctly inducted. Everyone needs to be made aware of critical issues like site hazards, emergency protocol, and WHS responsibilities.

At Rapid, we understand the challenges those working in the mining industry face when trying to induct and manage people.

Our contractor management software and other solutions for mining are designed to help you manage your contractors. Manage onboarding new workers, inducting contractors and miners, monitoring site access and reporting incidents all in one place.

Make sure all people at your mine are approved to work so everyone can get home safely!

Benefits & Features

With Rapid workforce management software solutions, people in the mining industry can have full control over the entire contractor management lifecycle

Rapid’s software suite has been designed to give you complete control over a wide range of tasks. Using our software, you can:


Sign in all your mining contractors


Provide all personnel with an initial induction and ongoing training


Track hours spent on site


Prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your facilities or assets


Report incidents and hazards efficiently


Monitor mining contractors’ status


Check if contractors have alcohol in their system


Assess risk and implement mitigation strategies

Gain control of your workforce management challenges


Train your workforce to ensure full understanding of company procedures

Protect your workers and your company from operating on site without having a comprehensive understanding of company requirements with Rapid Induct. Induct your workforce on all areas of operating at your mine. From health and safety requirements to security systems, pre-start checks and evacuation procedures. Ensure information security yet ease of access with Rapid’s centralised, secure, online data storage system.


Optimise your evacuation procedure

In the event of an emergency, your entire workforce must be accounted for. Rapid Access not only streamlines your sign in sign out process but helps ensure the safety of everyone. It enables you to view an evacuation list of all personnel on site instantly. Send out an automated message warning all to evacuate. Mark people off as ‘safe’ once they have reached the muster point.


Manage risks efficiently

Any mining company operating in the best interests of their employee and contractor health and safety must identify and manage risks. Prevent accidents or injuries at your mine by conducting thorough risk assessments with Rapid Risk before beginning work. Rapid Risk helps you work towards reaching Zero Harm.


Follow up and close off incidents quicker

It is integral that when incidents occur at a mine or related site, they are quickly reported. Rapid Incident Reporting ensures that investigation into all incidents, injuries, hazards or near-misses is a priority. A simple reporting form is available from your web browser or mobile device. Have investigation reminders automatically sent to correct personnel, and implement corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.

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Go Further

Streamline processes and increase security across your mining sites

Rapid Induct

Issue induction requests and induct people to your mining site before they arrive. Incorporate comprehension questions into your inductions to ensure full understanding of issues. Ensure contractors understand WHS protocol, managing risk, evacuation procedures, and how to operate machinery safely.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Ensure that all your contractors go through a standardised pre-qualification process. Make information security a priority by centralising all contractor documentation. Give the right people quick and efficient access to records using their web browser or mobile device.

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Rapid Access

Quickly view when your miners or other workers have signed into or out of site in real-time with Rapid Access. Combine with hardware such as a QR code, geolocation, fingerprint scanner, swipe card, or integrated hardware solution. Prevent unauthorised personnel from being able to sign in at your mine, and streamline your evacuation procedures.

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Rapid Risk

Meet the compliance and risk management requirements outlined by legislation for those in the mining industry using Rapid Risk. Identify and assess any risk in a matrix and efficiently develop action plans to deal with uncertain events. Move away from excel spreadsheets to a more dynamic risk system.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Use Rapid Incident Reporting at your mine to report incidents on the spot. Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automated notifications to the correct WHS officer. Report incidents anywhere using your mobile phone or web browser.

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Rapid Permit To Work

Rapid Permit to Work can submit, approve and track work permits. You can ensure only those with permission can complete jobs at your mine. Request, validate and store permits of any type. From Confined Space Entry, Excavation, Isolation Work on Plant and Machinery or Hot Works. Rapid Permit to Work helps keep your miners, contractors, employees and visitors safe from hazards.

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Rapid Auditor

Provide yourself and your mining team with the tools you need to conduct professional, simplified and timely audits. Let Rapid Auditor keep track of audits and repetitive task due dates. Automatically send reminders to the appropriate personnel when expiry dates are approaching.

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Key dispenser units

This secure system lets you store your keys in an electronic key safe. You can enable access to the keys at specific times for specific people. View a real-time electronic record of key removal and replacement using integrated Rapid products. This electronic record shows you who has taken or returned a key and when.

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Alcohol breath tester units

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. Find out if your workers are under the influence of alcohol when they get to site integrating Rapid Access with an alcohol breath tester unit. Deny their access onsite if the reading is positive.

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