Contractor management & sign-in software for schools & universities

Check in school visitors and manage contractors with ease. With Rapid’s sign-in software for education, you can monitor visitors on campus at any time from any place.

Contractor management and sign-in solutions for schools and universities
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How do you ensure that those working on your campus are always fully compliant and qualified?

It can be hard to monitor potentially thousands of students, children, employees, contractors and other visitors entering your facility every day. Whether you’re running a school, university or childcare centre, you need to ensure your visitors are compliant.

At Rapid Global, we recognise the importance of keeping everyone safe.

You must ensure all processes are legal in nature when children’s safety is often at risk. The ability to monitor school visitors is integral to the safe-keeping and legal functioning of educational institutions. You need to know your school visitors have the correct accreditations, safety clearances, and associated documentation.


With Rapid workforce management software solutions, you can monitor visitors entering and exiting school campuses at any time from any place

Our education workforce management software will do all the checking for you to ensure visitors are fully compliant. Our sign in software and other solutions for education can:


Sign in all types of visitors and track work hours


Alert the relevant staff member that their visitor has arrived


Provide a short on-site induction


Provide an emergency evacuation list of all persons on site


Notify you if workers are trying to enter your facility without a valid job or work permit


Check if visitors or workers have alcohol in their system


Report incidents and hazards efficiently


Monitor contractor status and reduce risks

Gain control of your workforce management challenges


Safe-keep your educational institution

The safety of your students is your top priority. Having methods in place to make sure this priority is met at your university, school or other institution is crucial.


Access real-time evacuation lists online

With Rapid Access, you can view who is onsite from your phone. Access evacuation lists from anywhere to send automated evacuation text messages to everyone on campus in an emergency.


Ensure your workers have the necessary qualifications

With Rapid Induct, you can easily see whether each person has the necessary knowledge to work on your site. You can see their necessary qualifications or certificates of competency, experience, training and WHS knowledge all in one place.


Store all your records in a central location

Our school visitor check-in system keeps records of inductions all in a central system. This includes inductions completed through Rapid Induct, as well as training completed externally. All training is stored centrally, giving you faster access to the information you need, when you need it.

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Streamline processes and increase security across your educational institution sites

Our school visitor management system helps streamline processes and increase security across your educational institution sites. Each Rapid product is customisable to your unique requirements and can be integrated with other features and add-ons.

Rapid Induct

Induct your visitors before they arrive on campus so they can spend more time teaching, tutoring, or getting other tasks completed. Ensure full understanding of issues such as company expectations and evacuation procedures by incorporating comprehension questions to your inductions.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Ensure that all your contractors go through a standardised pre-qualification process. Using Rapid Global’s contractor management software for education, you can manage the entire lifecycle of contractors and suppliers. You can also tailor your sign-in software for education to different personnel types. This guarantees your substitute teachers, lecturers, tutors and other workers complete the same process and are safely ready to work.

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Rapid Access

Streamline the sign in and out process for colleges and universities. Ensure only compliant personnel have access. Rapid Global’s access software for education enables everyone to sign in online and print visitor badges. Substitutes, contractors, visitors, and even late students can use a Rapid Access terminal to print new badges. Automatically send a message to the person they are there to see letting them know of their arrival.

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Rapid Risk

Meet your education industry compliance risk management needs using Rapid Risk. Identify and assess any type of risks in a risk matrix and efficiently develop action plans to deal with uncertain events. Move away from excel spreadsheets to a more dynamic risk system.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Use Rapid Incident Reporting at your university, school, TAFE or childcare facility to report incidents on the spot. Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automatic notifications to the correct campus OH&S officer.

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Rapid Permit To Work

Rapid Permit to Work can submit, approve and track work permits, ensuring only those with permission can complete jobs on campus. Request, validate and store permits of any type, such as Confined Space Entry or Hot Work. This keeps any students, employees, visitors, and contractors completing work safe from hazards.

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