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Check-in workers and manage contractors with ease. Be in control of your manufacturing site using Rapid workforce software solutions.


How do you ensure that you are creating a safe working environment and managing risk when operating in the manufacturing industry?

For manufacturing companies, a focus on a healthy workplace safety culture is crucial to thriving both now and in the future. Having a web-based business management software which is capable of aiding this process can be invaluable.

Rapid Global provides software solutions to help manufacturing companies across the world to manage their contractors’ lifecycle more efficiently. We offer real-time reporting available within your organisation, accessible on your mobile device.

Use Rapid’s contractor management software for manufacturing, to manage risks, meet your WHS requirements and monitor personnel.

Our cloud-based software is designed to give you full control over a range of tasks required in manufacturing organisations. Using our software, you can:


Sign all types of visitors in and out


Provide all personnel with an initial induction and ongoing training


Track hours spent on site


Prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your facilities or assets


Report incidents and hazards efficiently


Monitor contractor status


Check if visitors or workers have alcohol in their system


Assess risk and implement mitigation strategies

Gain control of your workforce management challenges


Centralise contractor information

Having contractor information stored in multiple locations across different sites can be a huge headache for the manufacturing industry. Managing contractors by centralising their information into a single, secure, web-based location can increase efficiency and decrease risk.


Analyse and interpret data

Data centralisation makes it easier to extract the information you need from your existing database. Using our software solutions, you can generate and send reports to your inbox automatically. Display important information, such as current compliance levels across your contracting companies.


Increase regulatory compliance

It is critical that both you and your contractors are compliant with regulations in the highly regulated manufacturing industry. Rapid Global allows you to quickly observe who is currently compliant and who is not from the online, real-time dashboard.


Enforce a consistent prequalification process

We provide you with the tools you need to ensure you are engaging only suitable contractors to work. Incorporate questions into a simple prequalification form tailored to the information you need to know from each different personnel type. If things change later, it is no problem – log in and edit the form, and it will be automatically updated.

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Streamline processes and increase security across your manufacturing sites

These are just a few of the many features our software solutions for manufacturing provide. Our manufacturing reports dashboard is designed to streamline processes and increase security across your sites. Our products are customisable to the unique requirements of each client and integrate with other features and add-ons.

Rapid Induct

Certify that everyone in your company is inducted and compliant before arriving at your manufacturing site with Rapid Induct. Stay in control of course content with our fully customisable solution, allowing you to edit your courses as often as required. Add questions into your induction courses. This confirms understanding of topics including WHS and OHS obligations, risk management, PPE requirements and evacuation procedures.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Ensure that all your contractors go through a standardised prequalification process. Manage all contractor details, including documentation, from a centralised location. With Rapid Global’s contractor management software, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contractors, suppliers, cleaners, and other workers.

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Rapid Access

Use Rapid Access as sign-in software for manufacturing. Sign in all your personnel to site using Rapid Access. Use our real-time report to instantly see when someone has signed in. View a list of everyone on-site from your mobile device. Send automated evacuation messages and mark people off as safe when they reach the muster point. Prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your manufacturing site or plant.

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Rapid Risk

Need to meet the manufacturing industry standards for compliance and risk management? Using Rapid Risk, you can identify and assess risks in a matrix. Quickly develop action plans to deal with uncertain events.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Rapid Incident Reporting is your centralised location for managing hazards, near misses, injuries and incidents of all types. Using our software, you can centralise all details related to an incident. Easily assign corrective actions, and send automatic notifications to the correct WHS officer.

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Rapid Permit To Work

Using Rapid Permit to Work, you can submit, approve and track work permits. Ensure that only contractors with permission can complete jobs at your manufacturing site. Request, validate and store permits of any type, such as Confined Space Entry or Hot Work. Keep all personnel on-site safe while completing hazardous work.

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Rapid Auditor

Provide yourself and your manufacturing workers with the tools you need to conduct professional, simplified and timely audits. Let Rapid Auditor keep track of audits and repetitive task due dates. Automatically send reminders to the appropriate personnel when expiry dates are approaching.

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Key dispenser units

When integrated with other Rapid products, this system lets you store your keys in an electronic key safe. The key safe ensures the security of your manufacturing site or assets such as forklifts or other equipment. You can enable access to the keys at specific times for specific people. View a real-time electronic record of key removal and replacement. Be in control of who has taken or returned a key and when.

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Alcohol breath tester units

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. Find out if your workers are under the influence of alcohol when they get to site integrating Rapid Access with an alcohol breath tester unit. Deny their access onsite if the reading is positive.

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