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How do you ensure that your transport and logistics company is managing contractor companies and individual workers safely, yet efficiently?

With the lives of millions of people and important cargo at stake every day, transport companies must operate safely. The safe transport of people and goods is the primary goal of the transport industry. This goal is the same whether you’re managing a small fleet, or organising a huge public transport operation.

At Rapid, we provide those working in transport and logistics businesses with the tools they need to operate efficiently and safely. Superior logistics and supply chain management starts with implementing procedures to keep everyone on site safe. From intelligent contractor onboarding to thorough inductions and selective site access, safety is the goal.

We are experts in working with the transport industry to identify their unique needs, and configuring our systems to suit you.


Rapid workforce management software help you manage risks, meet your OHS requirements and monitor personnel in any transport and logistics workplace

Rapid’s software solutions for transport have been designed to give you full control over a wide range of tasks. Using our software, you can:


Sign in all your transport contractors


Provide all personnel with an initial induction and ongoing training


Track work hours spent on site


Prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your facilities


Report incidents and hazards efficiently


Monitor contractor compliance


Assess risk and implement mitigation strategies


Check if contractors have alcohol in their system

Gain control of your workforce management challenges


Instantly view if someone has the correct licences or not

Quickly determining whether someone is qualified to operate a vehicle can be the difference between life and death. Use the Rapid Global Admin Tools App with our other products to instantly view a worker’s profile from your mobile. You can check that workers and their company are fully compliant before undertaking dangerous work or operating a specialised vehicle.


Report and follow up on incidents quickly

When incidents, hazards, injuries or near-misses happen, they must be reported promptly and followed up. With Rapid Incident Reporting, you can report incidents that occur at the site from your mobile device. Take photos or attach other related documents, and have a notification automatically sent to the correct personnel for follow-up.


Enforce that workers have a permit to work before beginning

Accidents often happen when people become complacent and skip the necessary protocol for working at a hazardous site. A person working in a warehouse with a heavy vehicle might not be fully signed off to operate it yet. Rapid Permit to Work is the solution you need to request, create and issue work permits. See who is approved to complete work, including where and what they will be working on.


Minimise bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment can occur in any workplace. Organisations in the transport industry target this as one of their highest priorities to fix. Prevent bullying and harassment from occurring in your workplace with a thorough induction combined with future reminder inductions. With Rapid Induct, you can control course content and send reminder inductions automatically.

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Streamline processes and increase security across any transport and logistics workplace

These are just a few of the many features our software solutions for transport and logistics provide. Our reports dashboard is designed to streamline processes and increase security across your sites. Our products are customisable to the unique requirements of each client and integrate with other features and add-ons.

Rapid Induct

Issue online induction requests and induct people to your transport and logistics company before they arrive to work. With Rapid Induct, you can incorporate comprehension questions into your inductions. You can ensure workers understand issues such as OHS protocols, managing risk, supply chain management, and how to safely operate vehicles. Collect individual documents such as licences or certificates, ensuring all compliant workers have met the required transport regulations.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Contractor Management software transport ensures that all your contractors go through a standardised pre-qualification process. This process includes the collection of licences, insurances, JSEAs/SWMS and other company details. Make information security a priority by centralising all contractor documentation in a cloud-based system. You can give the right people quick and efficient access to the documentation using their web browser or mobile device.

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Rapid Access

View in real-time when your drivers, pilots, visitors, employees or other personnel have signed in or out with Rapid Access. Prevent unauthorised personnel from being able to sign in at your transport company with our sign-in software for transport. Prevent those who are not compliant from signing in at your transport company by integrating physical mechanisms.

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Rapid Risk

Meet the compliance and risk management requirements outlined by legislation for those in the transport industry using Rapid Risk. Identify and assess any type of risk in a matrix and efficiently develop action plans to handle uncertain events. Move away from excel spreadsheets to a more dynamic risk system.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Use Rapid Incident Reporting in your transport organisation to report incidents on the spot from your mobile phone. Rapid Incident Reporting can provide you with an efficient reporting platform for any type of incident. This includes damaged goods, crashed vehicles, near misses, or any other type of incident. Our software allows you to enter details and upload relevant images if required. Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automated notifications to the correct OHS officer.

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Rapid Permit To Work

Rapid Permit to Work can submit, approve and track work permits, ensuring jobs can only be completed by those with permission. Request, validate and store permits of any type, such as Working with Heavy Machinery, Working at Heights or Operating Forklifts. Fast access to this information helps keep your drivers, warehouse operators, contractors, employees and visitors safe from hazards.

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Rapid Auditor

Provide yourself and your transport and logistics team with the tools you need to conduct professional, simplified and timely audits. Let Rapid Auditor keep track of audits and repetitive task due dates. Automatically send reminders to the appropriate personnel when expiry dates are approaching.

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Key dispenser units

This secure system lets you store keys for vehicles, heavy machinery, locked sites or other assets in an electronic safe. You can integrate your key dispenser with other Rapid products to enable access to keys at specific times for compliant people. A real-time electronic record of key removal and replacement is available at any time. This record shows you who has taken or returned a key and when.

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Alcohol breath tester units

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. Find out if your workers are under the influence of alcohol when they get to site integrating Rapid Access with an alcohol breath tester unit. Deny their access onsite if the reading is positive.

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