Facilities Management

Manage your contractors and sign in your visitors with ease

With Rapid’s software solutions for facility management, you can ensure that only the right people are entering your site.

Facility Management
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With so many entry points at facilities, how do you ensure that only compliant and inducted workers are entering your site?

At Rapid Global, we recognise the importance of keeping everyone safe and all processes legal in nature. Our facility maintenance software solutions offer reliable, effective methods that empower you to manage all workers entering your facilities. We help ensure that only fully compliant and inducted workers have access to your sites.

With Rapid facility management software, you have full confidence that all personnel in your facilities are authorised and compliant. We help you ensure contractors are fully aware of your site regulations and expectations. Making this easier increases compliance and reduces time spent manually filing documents.


With Rapid workforce management software solutions, you can manage your facilities with ease at any time from any place.

Our workforce management software will do all the checking to ensure your workers and contractors are fully compliant. Our software solutions for the facilities management industry can:


Sign in all your workers and track work hours


Provide a short on-site induction


Provide an emergency evacuation list of all persons on site


Plan recurring maintenance scheduling


Be notified if contractors are trying to enter your facility without a valid job or work permit


View on our dashboard if someone is inducted, compliant and has signed in


Report incidents and hazards efficiently


Assess risk and implement mitigation strategies

Gain control of your workforce management challenges


Safe-keep your sites

Make a Zero Harm Policy your company’s number one priority. Provide your workers, visitors and facilities management team with easy ways to remain safe.


Access real-time evacuation lists online

With Rapid Access, you can view who is onsite from your phone. Access evacuation lists to send automated evacuation texts to all on workers in an emergency.


Ensure your workers have the necessary qualifications

With Rapid Induct, you can easily see whether each person has the qualifications or experience required to work at your sites.


Get visual cues onsite

With Rapid Access, visitors receive a printed label to wear. This provides a visual cue confirming they have signed in using the correct procedure.


Store all your records in a central location

With Rapid Contractor Management, centrally store records so you have quick access to the information you need, when you need it.


Perform audits in no time

Rapid Auditor is the ideal asset management solution. Register your assets individually for quicker auditing and a clear record of their audit and maintenance history. Track assets including HVAC equipment, floors, electrical items, signs, lighting and any other resource.

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Streamline processes and increase security across your facilities

These are just a few of the many features our sign-in and other software solutions for facilities management provides. Our reports dashboard is designed to streamline processes and increase security across your facilities. Our products are customisable to your unique requirements and integrate with other features and add-ons.

Rapid Induct

Help your workers spend more time on the job and less on administration. Induct them from their phone or tablet before they even arrive at your facility. Ensure full understanding of emergency evacuation procedures, WHS standards and incident reporting protocol by incorporating comprehension questions to your inductions.

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Rapid Contractor Management

Revolutionise your contractor management process by speeding up company onboarding and automating upkeep of contractor information. Keep all information stored centrally, including documents, insurances, audits, expiry dates, inductions and general company info.

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Rapid Access

Ensure all personnel working at your facility have been inducted and signed in to site properly. Provide high quality, simple-to-use sign in terminals branded with your logo. Enable your personnel to sign themselves in electronically. Get automatic notifications and real-time reporting from your phone, wherever you are.

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Rapid Incident Reporting

Safety needs to be top priority. Provide your staff and visitors with an easy-to-use tool for reporting hazards, near misses, incidents and injuries in realtime. Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automatic reminders to people involved.

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Rapid Permit To Work

Submit, approve and track work permits to ensure only workers with permission sign in to your facility. Request, validate and store permits of any type, such as Confined Space Entry, Hot Work, Working at Heights and many more. Enable contractors from the same company to save time by submitting one work order instead of multiple for the same job.

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Rapid Auditor

Provide yourself and your OH&S or facilities management team with the tools you need to conduct professional, simplified and timely audits. Keep track of audit and repetitive task due dates, sending reminders to the appropriate personnel when expiry dates are approaching.

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Rapid Risk

Meet your facility management industry compliance risk management needs using Rapid Risk. Identify and assess any risks in a risk matrix and efficiently develop action plans to deal with uncertain events. Move away from excel spreadsheets to a more dynamic risk system.

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Key dispenser units

Integrated with other Rapid systems, this secure system lets you store your keys in an electronic key safe. You can enable access to the keys at specific times for specific people. View a real-time electronic record of key removal and replacement. This shows you who has taken or returned a key and when.

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Alcohol breath tester units

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. Find out if your workers are under the influence of alcohol when they get to site by integrating Rapid Access with an alcohol breath tester unit. Deny their access onsite if the reading is positive.

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