Built “from the ground up” and led by hands-on management, Monford Group is an industry leading construction company, with an Australia-wide portfolio of projects in the Infrastructure, Resources and Energy sectors. Monford has more than a decade of experience in the industry and has become a contractor of choice within the renewable energy sector in WA. Whether for construction only, Design and Construct, EPC or O&M, Monford is a one-stop shop with a hard-won reputation for delivering projects on time, within budget, safely and sustainably with a client-centric focus.

The challenge

Monford Group is renowned for delivering projects safely, and a major contributor to this is that subcontractors and staff must check in when they arrive on site. To do this, Monford Group utilises Rapid Aware’s Doorkeeper solution to check in subcontractors and staff and provide project managers with an accurate record of who is present for safety and evacuation purposes.

However, for some projects, Monford Group does not always have control over a customer’s infrastructure, such as doors, cameras, and entryways, which can make it a challenge to enforce the check-in process.

This was the case for a new solar and battery project in regional Western Australia, where an estimated 250 contractors would be accessing a project site daily. For safety and security reasons, Monford Group needed a way to prevent people from entering the site unless they completed the check-in process. Ideally, this would also include a blood alcohol content check to comply with regulations and minimise workplace accidents. The process also needed to be quick, as most contractors would start at the same time, therefore the prevention of long queues was essential to maintain site-wide productivity.

The solution

To solve these challenges, Monford Group acquired a 40-foot sea container and installed three bidirectional rotating gates with digital locks and paired each gate with a Rapid Aware Doorkeeper kiosk to grant entry and exit. In addition, Alcolizer units were integrated with Rapid Aware for blood alcohol content checks and added to the entry lanes.

With this setup, entering the site requires a face authentication check, along with a negative BAC test to unlock each gate, while exiting requires an identity check only.

In addition to granting access, Rapid Aware logs the entry and exit times of each contractor and provides attendance reports and visibility of who’s on site at any time.

The results

Monford Group’s unique container setup has enabled them to streamline site access to ensure a safe and secure environment for every worker and their clients.

“Ensuring the safety of our staff and sites is of paramount importance to Monford. Rapid Aware has ensured that only authorised individuals are granted access to the site, improving Monford’s safety procedures and site security.” said Brian Rafferty, Chief Operations Officer.

“The container setup which includes an alcohol test, is completely automated allowing workers to check-in by themselves which saves us time and helps reduce costs.”

Sourcing and building a container with gate access sounds like a lot of effort, however, it was an easy decision for the Monford Group.

“We already know the value that Doorkeeper provides to our other sites, so this was an exciting project for us, Monford continuously strives to find innovative solutions to improve our processes and procedures and to create work environments that prioritise safety. In addition to all the insights that Doorkeeper provides, being able to integrate with access control and automate blood alcohol tests has been revolutionary,” said Rafferty.

Building the container has the added benefit of allowing it to be moved from project to project, providing a single solution for worksite access. In addition, the attendance insights captured, such as the number of workers needed and the number of days spent on site, can be used for future project forecasting.
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