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Safety incident management and reporting system

Simplify the way you report and manage safety incidents with Rapid’s incident reporting software.

One Modular Solution

One modular solution

A fully integrated, incident reporting solution that can be intelligently adapted to suit the unique needs of your business or industry.

Real-time 24/7 Dashboard

Real-time 24/7 dashboard

Enjoy the assurance of knowing that incidents are being reported and investigated across your sites through live dashboards and reports on your desktop or mobile device.

Rapid Global is ISO27001 certified

Higher compliance and safety

Enable anyone on-site to report an incident, collect comprehensive information in real-time, receive instant notifications, conduct investigations and implement corrective actions.

See how Rapid’s incident reporting system can streamline all the steps for managing safety incidents

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report incidents as they happen

Report incidents as they happen

Rapid’s incident reporting tool makes it simple to report and manage all incidents from any device, ensuring management is instantly notified.

Save time with automation

From reporting to carrying out investigations to developing corrective actions, let Rapid’s incident reporting system do all the heavy lifting.

speed up workflows with integrations

Integrate tools & speed up workflows

Rapid’s modular software solutions are designed to work seamlessly together to automate and streamline your workplace safety & risk management processes.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive safety reports

View real-time incident statistics from a centralised dashboard and create Board-ready health and safety reports at the click of a button.

Get this and more with Rapid One

Access all Rapid products for an end-to-end safety solution that includes advanced AI features, along with all the tools and integrations you need to manage safety more efficiently, for one simple subscription.

We understand how important it is to have an efficient solution that protects your organisation from compliance failures.

This is why we are proud to be helping 1000+ organisations around the world to manage their compliance, improve safety and reduce risks. Every day, Rapid helps leading organisations manage over 100,000+ contractor companies to prevent hundreds of safety and compliance violations.

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How Rapid can help you


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You’ll be connected with a member of the Rapid team who will ask you about your situation and requirements, and organise a time to meet.


See features important to you

You’ll receive a personalised demonstration of Rapid’s incident reporting software to highlight the features and benefits most relevant to you.


Manage contractors efficiently

Deploy to experience the benefits of a comprehensive incident reporting tool. Gain more visibility & control across the entire process.
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Features to simplify your day


Report all incident types as they happen from web and mobile apps or QR code.


Report incidents while offline, ensuring critical information is captured promptly.


Alert relevant personnel as soon as an incident occurs.


Conduct thorough investigations of incidents using built-in tools.


Easily assign and track corrective actions for all incident types.


Fully customise incident classification levels based on incident type, risk level, and location.


Access real-time statistics from a centralised dashboard.


Create comprehensive, automated reports.

“One of the strong aspects of Rapid Incident Reporting software was that we were able to use our existing methodology, forms and risk tables by having existing data imported. This gave us an immediate reporting functionality, allowing us to analyse three years of back data as soon as the software was switched on.”

– QHSE Manager, Australian Camp Services

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You’ll be in control of incident management while on the go with the Rapid app

Use the app connected to our online incident management system to report real-time data about incidents, near misses or hazards and attach pictures or support documentation to the incident report.

Rapid Admin app

Frequently asked questions

Yes. When your organisation implements Rapid’s software this will be handled by a dedicated Project Co-ordinator. This individual will provide your team with training on how to use the Rapid system.

Yes, you can tailor incident reports to meet the needs of your business or industry. The information available in our database includes incident types, department statistics, time for incident closeout, and more.

Automatic notifications can be sent and received by relevant personnel regarding the incident investigation. You can also customise notifications for loss of time or injuries to a specific manager, department, or site.

Data can be filtered and exported to Excel, including incident reporting graphs, incident reports and investigation reports.

Yes, our Client Services team are available via phone or by email.

Ready for a new approach to managing safety incidents on your sites?

If you’re ready for a new way to manage safety incidents that will save you time and streamline your manual process, then request a demo today.