Internal audit software to automate your audit management processes

Rapid’s audit software is a system to automate audit management. It allows you to register tasks, automate reminders and complete workplace audits and inspections from any device.

rapid auditor audit management online system
Rapid Auditor Software Feature

Would your business run smoother if you didn’t have to deal with lengthy paper audits and clunky auditing systems?

Essential to reducing hazards, risk-based audits are a central part of any robust safety management system. With its fast and straightforward interface, Rapid’s audit software empowers you to manage the entire audit lifecycle with ease.

By reducing the complexity of audit management, you can save your business time and ensure compliance and risk management across all areas. Customisable to any industry and businesses of any size.


Conduct workplace audits online

Use Rapid’s auditing software to register tasks, automate reminders and complete audits and inspections from any device. Monitor risk and performance outcomes in real time.

Rapid Auditor Illustration
Rapid Auditor Illustration
Run Unlimited Audits

Customise and create as many audit forms as you need

Tailor these forms to your exact needs using our intuitive form builder. Create checklists remotely from any location using any internet-connected device. Store and manage your workplace audit information centrally and securely in a single, reliable, easy-to-use system.


Functional teammate audit software and risk-based auditing

Use our asset management solutions to register your assets and conduct audits. Conduct asset audits on any plant, including sites, vehicles and machinery. When integrated with Rapid’s other software modules, Rapid Auditor also enables you to manage audits for contractors to determine long-term compliance.

Rapid Auditor software feature
Rapid software feature
Never forget a task

Automate your repetitive tasks and set audit reminders

Rapid’s audit software is the ideal system to automate audit tasks across your organisation. Set a schedule for repetitive tasks, such as office and site maintenance, and assign them to the relevant person. Receive automatic texts and emails and send automated reminders to the responsible personnel when tasks are upcoming or overdue.

Automate audit reports

Receive non-compliant audit reports and organise corrective actions

Configure the system to automatically receive non-compliant reports to your inbox once a regular or risk-based internal audit is complete. Assign relevant personnel to the task of undertaking corrective actions. Approve the appropriate corrective measures before the task is fully closed off. Run reports and export them ad-hoc.

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    Be more productive

    Gain efficiency and productivity using Rapid’s audit software


    Never miss a review deadline

    Have documents that need to be reviewed and updated periodically, such as safe work method statements? Set it up as a task and receive a reminder to review and update documents.


    Utilise a multi-level approval workflow

    Configure the safety audit software to send approvals automatically. The necessary personnel can receive alerts once a worker has marked the task as complete.


    Streamline audits using unique asset QR codes

    Generate unique and custom-branded QR codes with your company’s logo. Assign each QR code to your assets to speed up the auditing process.


    Have complete visibility of your data

    Store your audit and inspection data centrally and securely in our OHS system. See your figures at a glance using the intuitive dashboard and remain in full control over your processes.

    Do more, achieve more

    Our audit management software empowers you to:


    Manage your workplace safety audits, risk-based audits and repetitive tasks


    Allocate tasks to responsible persons


    Schedule reminders and alerts


    Attach documents and export reports


    Set administrator levels for personalised access


    Perform workplace health and safety audits


    Complete financial audits and plant and machinery inspections


    Do quality audits and risk control assessments

    Mobile App

    Gain efficiency through
    our Rapid App

    Rapid Global Admin Tools

    Rapid Global Admin Tools risk assessment app can be used to manage OHS tasks, such as creating or viewing work orders, entering assignee details, or automatically scheduling reminders.

    Rapid Global Admin Tools

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    Get to know our powerful software tools to improve workforce management and safety.

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    Go Further

    Health and safety management at its best every time

    Rapid Auditor is a powerful tool on its own and is even better when integrated with Rapid’s full suite of solutions. All Rapid software solutions are customisable for any industry and businesses of any size.

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