Enhance site safety with our streamlined contractor and visitor sign-in management systems

Rapid’s visitor management systems allow you to track attendance at one or more sites in real time and guard against unauthorised entry.

One Modular Solution

One modular solution

A fully integrated and modular solution that can be intelligently adapted to suit the unique needs of your business and industry.

Real-time 24/7 Dashboard

Real-time 24/7 dashboard

Enjoy the assurance of instantly viewing data of everyone onsite through live dashboards and reports, on your mobile or desktop.

Multiple Sign-in Options

Multiple sign-in options

Sign in via mobile or iPad, QR code, geolocation, ID card and more. Revolutionise the way you welcome people to your site!

Automate site access & compliance with Rapid’s visitor management solutions

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Mobile visitor management solution from Rapid

Mobile visitor registrations

Fast-track check-ins with Rapid GO, our contactless visitor management tool that allows your employees, contractors and anyone visiting the site to sign in using their own device. It’s simple to install and requires no hardware, so you can get set-up immediately.

  • Fast installation for single or multiple sites
  • Contactless visitor check-in
  • GPS sign-in
Rapid GO

Rapid visitor management system dashboard

Complete visitor management software

Automate site access and compliance processes with Rapid’s most comprehensive visitor management system. Rapid Access can be integrated with hardware such as boom gates or turnstiles, as well as facial recognition technology.

  • Available on Apple iPad & Android tablets
  • Beacon technology
  • Automated compliance & reporting
Rapid Access

How Rapid can help you


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You’ll be connected with a member of the Rapid team who will ask you about your situation and requirements, and organise a time to meet.


See features important to you

You’ll receive a personalised demonstration of Rapid’s visitor management tools to highlight the features and benefits most relevant to you.


Enhance site safety

Experience the benefits of a modular, integrated visitor management system. Gain more visibility and control in your workplace.
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See how you can streamline your entire visitor sign-in system with Rapid

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Save time with automation

Throw out paper timesheets! Receive immediate notification of arrivals. Instantly view & manage data of everyone onsite, plus view historical records.

Improve Emergency Evacuations

Improve emergency evacuations

Send automatic evacuation messages to personnel on site & get ‘safe’ messages when they reach the muster point. Get instant clarity of who is accounted for.

Manage all visitor types

A single solution to easily check-in and manage all types of visitors including contractors, employees, customers, and clients.

Integrate with existing solutions

Rapid Access can be integrated with third-party systems and site access hardware like boom gates. Make a great first impression!

We understand how important it is to streamline your entire visitor registration system

This is why we are proud to be helping 1000+ organisations in Australia and globally to reduce risk and gain complete control over visitor management. Every day, Rapid helps leading organisations to keep their workplaces safe.

Rapid Global client Mirvac
Rapid Global client Alinta Energy
Rapid Global client Allied Pinnacle
Rapid Global client AMP Capital
Rapid Global client Vicinity Centres
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Features to simplify your day


Manage multiple visitor types such as contractors, employees and guests


Conduct emergency evacuations and review event information


Notify on-site personnel of arrivals and non-compliant entry attempts


Print wearable labels for a visual cue


Host all information online using secure cloud-based software


Integrate with onsite solutions such as ID entry systems and work order systems


Configurable automated reporting on site entry details


Tailored sign-in requirements for different visitor types

Rapid client Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

“We envisage that all our hospitals will have Rapid Global portals – we’ve bought the tablets already. And with the new technology of the geofencing, it’s going to be even easier for contractors to access our site, while still remaining compliant with the legislation and our internal policies and procedures.”

— Richard Berry, OH&S Team Leader, Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

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Achieve site-wide compliance with Rapid Aware

Using cameras at key checkpoints such as a boom gate or turnstile, Rapid Aware can identify individuals with face authentication, check their compliance and automatically grant access if authorised.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. When your organisation implements Rapid’s visitor management systems it will be handled by a dedicated Project Co-ordinator. This individual will provide your team with training on how to use the Rapid’s software.

Yes, Rapid Access can integrate with almost any third-party platform via a RESTful API. This has proven to be highly beneficial in streamlining processes and maximising efficiency.

Yes, our systems allow you to create customised entry questions and requirements to align with your compliance and risk management plan. The visitor management system also allows you to set custom entry questions based on visitor type or a specific site.

Your administrators and site managers will have instant visibility of your sites from a single dashboard. You can access data on who enters and exits your sites and monitor the time they spent on site for contact tracing. The reports can be filtered and scheduled to provide the data that is relevant for your site managers.

Yes, Rapid Access can be used with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management to ensure staff, contractors and visitors accessing your sites are fully compliant and inducted.

You’ll be in control of visitor management while on the go with the Rapid app

Spot-check audit a worker, see induction and training status, upload licences live in the field using your phone camera, verify or reject documents on the spot or take an ID photo straight from the Rapid Global Admin app.

Rapid Admin app

Ready for a new approach to visitor management?

If you’re ready for new way to welcome site visitors that’s professional and efficient while keeping your site safe then request a demo today.