SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company with over 2500 offices and laboratories worldwide. SGS Australia has 1,700 employees with 50 offices and laboratories spread out throughout the country. The business serves a variety of business lines, all of which provide a wide range of testing, inspection, verification, and certification services in industries such as manufacturing, mining, power, and transport.

The challenge

The SGS Australia operations team were looking for an easy, digital, and cost-effective solution for their contractors to be able to register, complete inductions and provide their compliance information prior to attending a site for work.

With 120 active contractors undertaking servicing and maintenance work, there was a substantial administrative burden managing their compliance documentation.

“At SGS we needed to see these contractors’ workers compensation, insurance, and safe work statements all in one place, as well as confirmation of inductions completed.”

– Lauren, SGS Australia’s Operational Integrity Advisor, South Australia and Northern Territory

The solution

Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management were implemented at SGS Australia. Having great oversight and the ability to quickly investigate a contractor’s compliance status has been a huge advantage and time saving efficiency.

SGS Australia uses Rapid Induct to have their contractors complete their inductions online prior to attending their sites, while Rapid Contractor Management handles all compliance documents. Contractors upload their compliance documentation which Rapid then verifies.

“The Rapid solutions have made contractor management much easier in my role,” said Lauren. “We’ve now got a great overview of who our contractors are, what they’re doing and obviously their compliance. It’s really easy to quickly look up and see they’ve got everything in place and that their staff members are also inducted. It’s a big help in our contractor management process.”

The results

Having Rapid’s Work Health and Safety solutions in place has improved safety performance at SGS Australia. If an auditor requires information on contractor compliance, this can easily be exported out of the Rapid software system, which enables them to maintain their ISO 45001 requirements.

“It is very easy to show the auditor the whole process. Rapid takes out some of that leg work of managing all the documentation that otherwise we would have to do.”

Lauren notes that there have been multiple cases where Rapid Induct stopped someone who was non-compliant from entering a site. “We have had many instances where we’ve had calls saying there’s a contractor here, and I can quickly check if they’re registered in the system and if not, they can’t enter the site.”

“There’s always going to be a cost involved with the induction process, and Rapid is much more cost effective and easier than the previous system that we had,” said Lauren.

Looking towards the future, SGS is excited to see how Rapid could assist with their health and safety compliance management as the business moves towards more sustainable operations and working more in the renewable energy sector.

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