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Helping RSPCA innovate: the PetStop app

At Rapid, we want to be able to give back to our community, so we love discovering ways to support SA companies and help them innovate.

That’s why we are proud to be supporting the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and are excited to announce the imminent launch of a new app to help you identify pet-friendly food locations: PetStop!

What is the PetStop app?

PetStop is the app that lets you search for a café or restaurant that both you and your pet will be welcome at. Now you can have your cake and your pooch too!

When you are out and about with your pet, it can be hard to know where you can go for food or a coffee without having to leave your doggo alone outside. With PetStop, companies can register that they are happy for pets to visit.

Then pet owners can download the app, turn on their location feature, and quickly search to find out which places are pet-friendly nearby. No more stressing about your precious pet waiting alone!

The app will be released just before Christmas this year.

Why is Rapid getting involved?

Rapid is a technology business that makes the world a safer place to work.

Through our workplace health and safety software solutions, we help organisations manage contractor compliance, visitor access, inductions and training, and risks.

Since our inception in 2001, we have been reaching our goals. As a way of giving back to the community, we use our technical expertise to help other businesses innovate.

We developed the PetStop app together with the RSPCA to help you locate pet-friendly venues. Now you can have your cake and your pooch too!

PetStop app by RSPCA supported by Rapid

How can I register my venue?

If you have a café or restaurant that is pet-friendly, you can sign up to register your company on the app by clicking here.

Download the PetStop app

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