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Introducing Rapid One: All of Rapid’s products in one subscription

Rapid Global is excited to announce Rapid One, a bundle that provides access to all Rapid products for one simple subscription. This provides an end-to-end workplace health and safety solution that offers advanced AI features, along with all the integrations, and tools you need to manage safety more efficiently. 

Whether you are a Safety Manager, a Contractor Administrator, or a Worker, Rapid One touches every facet of workplace safety and includes a variety of user-friendly apps and intuitive dashboards. 

What you get with Rapid One

Propriety AI technology

This includes AI-driven computer vision models which have the potential to greatly increase productivity. This technology ensures that, in the AI age, our platform will be creative and efficient in addressing real-world safety concerns. With Rapid One, businesses can automate a variety of safety procedures that were previously impossible.

Simple pricing

You pay a single price for all of our products when you bundle them, and the more things you use, the more value you receive.

Reputable company  

With over 20 years of expertise and a demonstrable track record in safety and compliance, Rapid One offers a secure and reliable solution that you can trust.

Customisable software

Address your unique safety challenges effectively with software that can be intelligently adapted to suit your specific needs.

Onboarding support

A committed Project Coordinator will work with your team to make sure the solution is configured to get all the necessary insights. The Project Coordinator will oversee all training and onboarding.

Strong data privacy

Rapid Global uses multiple security controls (software, physical and process based) across all our products, to protect client data, compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard.

Intuitive and user-friendly software

Rapid One’s suite of products is designed to be intuitive and simple to use. This saves time, increases productivity, and allows you to focus on what truly matters—running your business. The unified interface, complete with a consistent header and footer for easy navigation, ensures a seamless experience for all users.

Key benefits 

  • Simplify safety tasks: Rapid One streamlines a range of safety tasks, making complex processes straightforward and manageable. 
  • Manage suppliers and contractors: Easily handle supplier and contractor management with pre-qualification, credit checks, and ongoing management. Go paperless by collecting, storing, and managing all types of contractor documents in one online location. Verify and manage contractor compliance, insurance, SWMS, and inductees all from a single screen. 
  • Anywhere, anytime access: Gain access to all safety and compliance insights from any location, at any time, through our web and phone apps. 
  • Save time on reports: Effortlessly access information and compile reports, reducing administrative burden. 
  • Navigate with ease: Our intuitive interface allows for easy navigation to all safety and compliance insights. 
  • Correct setup with Rapid support: Ensure workflows, access rules, alarms, and surveys are correctly configured with the assistance of our dedicated Project Coordinators. They will work with you to configure our software as well as train your team. 
  • Eliminate paper-based processes: Transition from cumbersome paper-based processes to a streamlined digital platform. 
  • Comprehensive operational view: Experience a 360-degree view of your entire operations, enhancing oversight and decision-making. 
  • Seamless integration: Our platform integrates with existing hardware, such as tablets and workplace cameras, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. We also have an extensive list of integration partners who offer solutions that align perfectly with the Rapid One bundle. Learn more about our integrations
  • Boost workplace safety with AI: Automatically identify individuals at your site’s gate, check their compliance, and grant access if authorised. Integrate with workplace cameras to gain better awareness of unsafe acts and hazards, thereby improving safety. Capture employee attendance, receive safety alerts, and view vehicle dwell times across all sites. 
  • Simplify inductions and safety training: Enhance your training programs with our free, pre-written courses or upload your own SCORM courses. Provide inductees with a user-friendly online training portal tailored to fit your brand and requirements. Monitor the compliance status of your entire workforce through live dashboards and reports. 

About the products and tools included in the Rapid One bundle 

Rapid Contractor Management 

Enjoy a real-time dashboard to manage contractors and ensure workplace compliance 24/7. Simplify a range of compliance tasks to improve efficiencies and get more done.

Rapid Induct 

Streamline your safety induction, employee onboarding and compliance management processes with a single cloud-based software solution.

Rapid Access

Transform how your personnel, contractors, and visitors access your sites with a sign-in solution that is simple to install, either with or without hardware depending on the needs of your business.

Rapid Aware

Leverage AI-powered computer vision to streamline site access, enforce site-wide compliance, and reduce hazards and incidents.

Rapid Incident Reporting

Increase the likelihood that everyone at your workplace will report incidents as they happen with our easy-to-use tool that helps automate the entire process.

Rapid Auditor

Register assets, automate reminders, complete safety investigations, and schedule maintenance inspections from any device with all the data stored safely in one place.

Rapid Permit To Work

Ensure your most hazardous tasks are performed safely, efficiently, and in compliance with Rapid’s Permit To Work software. While usually an add on to the Rapid Access product, Permit To Work is included as part of this value bundle pricing. 

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