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How to Keep Your Employee Training Consistent

An expanding business is always good. But an expanding business also poses new challenges, especially once it involves more than one work site.

It’s difficult to maintain employee training standards

It can become quite difficult to maintain certain standards among many people even if the same company goals are overarching all the work sites. For instance, how do you maintain standards between two sites of a fast food chain, one crewed by older employees and the other by millennials? How do you make sure the crew of a construction company that has several projects going on in different areas at the same time are all following the same safety procedures?

Many multiple-site organisations will agree that some sites perform better or worse than others in a wide range of ways, even as they work for the same goals or have the same tasks.

Employee Differences

How can one work site be so different from another even if they belong to the same company? Here are some factors that can lead to differences:

  • Educational background – You can hardly expect all employees have gone through the same school or studied the same disciplines. One work site might be dominated or led by those who have completed university degrees, while another might be dominated or led by people who never had the opportunity to complete tertiary education.
  • Workplace environment – Working conditions and the work environment will always affect a workplace. For example, the crew at a coffee shop in a highly urbanised city may be more formal and prompt because they deal with many people who are on tight schedules. A similar crew working in a rural area may be more laidback since the pace of life is more relaxed.
  • Work site culture – This usually happens when several people have worked together for years. They tend to develop certain shared beliefs, quirks, and ways of completing the job. A department or work site might even adopt its own terminology, lingo or jargon: words related to their work that only they can understand. For one work site the term makes perfect sense, while it has a totally different meaning, or no meaning at all, at another site.
  • Differences in age – This can easily cause a difference in values. Age can affect how groups of people relate to one another and how they process the same information differently depending on their life experience.

With all these differences so prevalent in our workplaces, what’s one way to make sure one work site performs as well as another?

The answer is simple

Make sure all your staff get the same training consistent with their personnel type. However, if your training is all face-to-face or on paper, then implementing that training program can be a huge challenge. This is why the best option for training is through a comprehensive online induction software that can make sure all your employees are on the same page.

Rapid Induct by Rapid Global can help you make sure your business’ training and induction is consistent among employees regardless of differences at their work site.

  • Once a password has been issued to a person, their induction can be accessed anywhere at anytime so long as they have internet access.
  • Training content is fully controlled by the proper authorities who can make changes to courses with ease.
  • Other tools, like those to help determine a trainee’s qualifications, or to refresh skills, are also available.

Other problems that can arise from multiple-site organisations can also include a lack of a workplace incident reporting system, a risk management system and an online auditing system to help you track repetitive yet important tasks such as audits and equipment maintenance. Implementing the right workplace management software will make sure that your employees are all trained consistently.

If one site performs well while another site doesn’t, you can expect overall results to be bad for your business. This is why it is important that the staff members at all your work sites are trained, inducted, and made compliant in a consistent manner with the right EHS softwares in place.

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