Rapid’s top tips and latest product updates

This month our Account Management team put together a list of Rapid software tips and some great product updates that you can now take advantage of. Read on to boost your productivity, workplace safety practises, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Rapid solution.

New product updates

Contractor search

Rapid has a new feature in the Contractor Manager tab! Any administrator in your system with the Add New Contractor permission can now search Rapid’s database for contractors who can support your business. You can filter your search for companies by trade, location, risk level, size, and accreditations!  Read more about the update here.

Admin Notifications

Client administrators can now subscribe to receive email notifications about newly uploaded contractor and trainee documents which require verification. This heavily requested feature will enhance productivity in a customisable way, as users can choose the days of the week, times and time zone which notifications are received. Update your settings by navigating to the Edit Admin screen within the Admin/Sites page.

Monitoring Credit Scores

Our integration with CreditorWatch now offers an option that will enable clients to monitor contractor credit scores via a monthly subscription.

The report subscription will allow administrators to generate a report that shows the CreditorWatch score for all compliant contractors and a list of scores that have changed since the last report.

If you’re interested in this report subscription to support your business, please reach out to our Support Team.

Secondary Sites for Contractors

Did you know you can now allocate more than one site to a contractor company? To improve use of the Location filter within the Contractor Manager Dashboard and to improve reporting by site, allocate each site that is applicable to your contractors within the Company Details tab.

Tips of the month

Rapid Induct

Do you have a large number of trainees in the pending/not used status? Ensure they are receiving reminders to complete their pending courses by navigating to:

Settings > Email Settings > Email Category, Trainee > Email Type, Inductee Pending Courses

Here you can add reminder frequencies for the system to send automated email reminders to your trainees to complete their pending courses.

Rapid Access

If you use Rapid Access, we want to ensure you’re using the solution to its full potential to increase compliance on site. Our top two notification types are:

Invalid Entry – notify site representatives when personnel attempt to sign in and are denied entry due to non-compliance (e.g., Suspended Company or Incomplete Inductions)

Visitor Non-Compliant – notify site representatives when a contractor has potentially incorrectly signed in as a visitor so this can be corrected.

To find these notification types, navigate to Rapid Access > Site Info > Notification Settings

Rapid Contractor Management

We’ve noticed many clients using the Category feature in Rapid Contractor Management and so we wanted to share this with you!

For clients that have opted for a short list of personnel types such as ‘Contractor’, ‘Transport Contractor’ and ‘Supplier’, the Category feature can be used to further categorise contractors. This can assist you with identifying suitable contractors and meeting reporting requirements.

Example categories used by our clients include, ‘Risk Rating’ (high/moderate/low), ‘Performance Rating’ and ‘Suppliers’.

We’re always listening

We work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products are up to date to support your business now and into the future.

Have a question or need support? Submit a support request or call us on 1800 307 595 8:30am-6pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

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