Our Team

Rapid Global is led by a highly experienced team of professionals.

Between us we provide you with expertise in business systems and software design as well as product implementation, HSE knowledge and application to ensure your partnership with us is the most successful experience possible.

Our Team Tim

Tim Johnson
Managing Director

Tim started his career as an Industrial Chemist, forging a career in capital intensive manufacturing industries. His various roles throughout his career have included Production Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager and Group General Manager. Prior to this role he spent time establishing a $500 million Greenfield manufacturing facility and growing the business to a 50% market share. With extensive travel overseas and his executive experience, he offers genuine understanding to the challenges facing businesses today.

Our Team Paula

Paula Johnson

As Rapid Global’s longest serving employee, Paula has been with the business from the first day the doors opened. Having amassed a vast amount of knowledge and experience, Paula is able to find solutions quickly and easily. Passionate, skilled in all areas of the business and with a keen eye for software design, Paula boasts over 10 years of experience of applying Rapid Global software solutions to clients across all industries.

Ezequiel Gonzalez
Sales Manager

With a long, successful career in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Ezequiel brings a wealth of experience and commitment to our business. He joined the Rapid Global team in 2016 after working overseas as a Sales and Marketing Manager. He has had varied experiences as a Consultant and Team Manager in the Telecommunications industry. Ezequiel has acquired broad experience across the Rapid Global business, including fulfilling the roles of a Project Coordinator. Eze is passionate about making a difference in his role, heading up the Sales Team as our Sales Manager. With his unwavering commitment to Rapid Global’s clients and passion for delivering excellent service, Ezequiel and his team are focused on providing the best solutions to our clients.

Our Team Vince

Vince Pascale
Account Executive

Vince started his career in a manufacturing environment. His various roles throughout his career have included Tradesman, Shift Manager, Quality Manager, Sales and Quality Engineer, Operations Manager and General Manager. Experienced in a variety of managerial roles responsible for the production and quality of both labour intensive and automated manufacturing environments, Vince has excellent problem solving skills and a strong understanding of the challenges facing businesses today. His skills, having been built up over the years, have proven to be vital when influencing the business, understanding the customer’s needs and introducing long lasting solutions.

Our Team Mike

Mike Duffield
Sales Director

Passionate and hardworking, Michael has extensive experience in the corporate sales environment. He understands the need for cultivating genuine relationships with clients and listening to the unique issues faced by each organisation. His analytical mind enables him to think critically about each situation and develop the solution best suited to each client’s requirements. Mike’s experience and ability to deliver customised client solutions has been outstanding and he is a valuable resource to the business.

Our Team Allan

Alan Fidler
SE Australia Sales Manager

With qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety and a real passion for building relationships, Alan’s key focus is to help organisations to work more efficiently using technology that not only fits their needs but also suits their way of doing business.
Having worked in IT business solutions and OHS software solutions for most of his working life, Alan is more than capable of understanding his client’s needs and matching the right solution to your business. Alan is passionate about building long term business relationships which has been a major reason for his success over his 27 years of sales management.
Working with Alan guarantees you strong customer service as he believes in treating his clients the way that he wants to be treated.

Our Team Nadia

Nadia Devlin
Client Services Manager

One way Rapid Global stands out as a technology company is through our strong focus on serving our clients. Nadia leads our talented Client Services Team and is responsible for their training and ensuring successful outcomes. Having joined Rapid Global as a Customer Contact trainee, Nadia quickly worked her way up to become our Client Services Manager and has completed qualifications in Leadership and Management. Passionate about her job, Nadia delights in cultivating a motivated and passionate team and is always keen to ensure our clients have a positive experience with Rapid Global.

Our Team Nia

Nia Georgiou
Executive Assistant

With a long and successful career in team building and communications management, Nia brings an understanding of leadership that makes her hard work seem effortless to the casual eye. Her adherence to policies and procedures and excellent leadership was rewarded in 2010 with Rapid Global winning the Australian Business Award for Service Excellence.

Our Team Ron

Ron Linn
Business Improvement Manager

Ron works in direct partnership with some of Rapid Global’s largest clients as they implement our products, particularly when implementation involves significant configuration of our product and/or integration with third party systems. Working hand-in-hand with the client, Ron applies sound change management processes to assist the client to drive transitions and to ensure the project meets its intended outcome. Often acting as the communication channel between the client and our technology team, Ron uses his background in Work Health and Safety and his Project Management qualifications to successfully deliver large and complex projects such as the Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Visitor Access projects for AMP Capital and Mirvac.

Our Team Paul

Paul Rapuano
Interface & Specialised Education Manager

As our resident Interface & Specialised Education Manager, there are not too many people within the business that can outsmart Paul when it comes to product knowledge. Paul is passionate about quality and has a key role as a subject matter expert within the business. Working across all industries and with a large range of highly configurable products, Paul’s role as our resident product expert is vital. Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Management and utilises his skills to think outside the box, to problem solve and find creative solutions for clients. His ability to identify market trends often leads to product enhancements that benefit our client community and drive innovation.

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