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Asset Maintenance Software

What is Rapid Service Alert?

Imagine a system that enables you to schedule, allocate and track repetitive tasks such as equipment maintenance, audits, asset management activities and actions.

Rapid Service Alert is an easy to use maintenance management software system designed to assist with the scheduling and allocation of regular tasks to contractors and internal staff.

An online maintenance scheduling system, Rapid Service Alert allows you to schedule regular equipment maintenance reminders. As a system that enables instant notifications of service requirements, the program has the ability to be used for regular reminders such as those for audits, fire inspections and checklists. When used in conjunction with Rapid Hazard Management software, control measures applied to hazards can be allocated as serviceable items in Rapid Service Alert, ensuring hazards are regularly serviced and controlled.

Any regular maintenance task can be scheduled and tracked using our service management software with notifications and alerts delivered to the responsible person or contractor/supplier.

How it works

  • Set new task

  • Schedule task frequency

  • Task sent to worker with any associated notes, documents or actions

  • Worker completes task

  • Check task for completion, with the option to close or reject

  • Future task auto created for next due date

Set. Schedule. Perform. Track.

Rapid Service Alert is fully hosted online. All you need is internet access and you are ready to start scheduling and allocating tasks.

You can use Rapid Service Alert for any repetitive task including:

  • Maintenance actions
  • Asset management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Service tasks
  • Audits
  • Review of contracts
  • Emergency drills
  • Engineering tasks
  • Accounting tasks
  • Bill reminders

Rapid Service Alert is simply the easiest and most systematic way of getting the right people on the right service or maintenance job at the right time.

Rapid Service Alert Features.

  • Set, schedule, track and escalate regular planned maintenance or tasks.

  • Adaptable to any task, item or plant – e.g. fleet servicing, machinery maintenance, audit reminders etc.

  • Ability to set frequency and actions.

  • Attach documents – e.g. JSEA / SWMS, worksheets or procedures, clearance certificates.

  • Notifications able to be sent to key personnel.

  • Alert contractors and employees of the regular task and allocate responsible persons.

  • Increased efficiency and accountability.

Service Alert gives you greater control
over your repetitive tasks.

Our pricing is based on each of our clients’ unique needs and requirements. Please contact us for a quote or to find out more.

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