Integrated Property Solutions (IPS) is a dynamic company who complete a wide range of different property maintenance services. With 12 employees, this small yet robust organisation is dedicated to responding to client’s requests in a timely fashion, whether the call out is for an emergency situation, a scheduled job, or anything in-between.

Their jobs include specialised industrial cleaning, maintenance, restorations after disasters (such as fires or floods), pathological/crime scene cleans and landscaping. They pride themselves on completing those ‘out of the box’ jobs which other companies may not be equipped to handle.


With a steady flow of work at varying sites, the challenge for IPS lay in a lack of time to manually sift through the insurances of their workers and ensure that they were completely up to date with licenses and so on.

“We simply did not have time to continually audit the simple things, like are our staff’s drivers licenses current, or have DCSI Clearances expired, etc.”

– Russell Page, General Manager

A system was required which could manage inductions for the inductees, as well as keep all of the employees’ documents in one centralised location. They also wanted to have the ability to easily alter inductions if required, thus ensuring the most up-to-date information would always be included.

IPS cleaning terrace cropped  


Rapid Induct was implemented as the solution to IPS’ challenge. Russell Page, the General Manager at IPS, described how the workplace induction system allows them to “set and forget” the expiry dates of documents and licenses. Now, instead of being required to have a designated HR person keep track of documents, Rapid Induct does it for them. Reminder emails are sent out about document renewal a month prior to their expiry, thus giving their staff a prompt to upload their updated details. These emails are also sent to management, so they can check that the correct actions are being taken.

“The platform removes the need to employ a HR department for small businesses.”

Furthermore, IPS management are now able to customise their existing inductions according to what is required for each of their employees. This is particularly helpful when new staff begin working with the organisation, as then IPS’ commitment to safety can be further reinforced through current inductions. Furthermore, the reminders sent out when inductions are about to expire (which occurs annually) means that everyone in the company can always be sure they are up to date with the most important information and procedure.

“…we were able to custom design an induction program tailored to our requirements and draw upon the already created inductions to further reinforce our commitment to safety.”


IPS are continuing to learn how they can use their employee record data, which increases transparency and further strengthens their relationship with their clients. As their clients are able to see that all of the workers’ details have been kept updated, they are able to confidently give IPS employees access to restricted areas of their business that require full qualifications to enter.
Furthermore, not having to hire someone to do the HR work and manage the inductees’ details and inductions means that there is also an ongoing cost saving for IPS.

“I would highly recommend this platform if you find yourself constantly sorting out the ‘nitty grittys’ within your employment record keeping for staff. Our records have to be kept up to date for our clients so we can access ‘sensitive sites’. We also have real-time ability to update an induction as required and have the ability to do this from a mobile device.”