Storm International is a commercial cleaning company with over 300 sites throughout Australia. Their dedicated team of approximately 100 employees and 30 contractors take pride in providing highest quality services in sweeping, waste management, sanitary waste, and tailored day-to-day cleaning tasks for a wide range of industries.


The workers at Storm International can be at risk on a daily basis, for example through handling dangerous substances, working from heights, heavy lifting or using specialised equipment. Under such conditions, risk reduction through proper inductions is vital. Management at Storm International needed to have peace of mind that every one of their employees working on site had undertaken the correct training and uploaded necessary documentation. This induction information also had to be readily accessible to anyone in management. Their current system was too time-consuming, with monthly manual audits proving to be impractical. An induction system was therefore required which could meet all of these needs.

“We struggled to keep all training records and documents up to date. We wanted to be alerted when things needed to be updated instead of manually auditing all information on a monthly basis.”

– Stephanie Younes, Business Administration Manager


Rapid Induct was the software solution Storm International were looking for. Now instead of having to look through many induction papers to ensure all workers are inducted and compliant, they can simply add their names into the online induction system and assign their courses to them. The worker is then sent an email with instructions on how to complete their online course, as well as details about which documents are also required to be uploaded. Once these have been uploaded, they can be verified by an administrator in the company to ensure full compliance. These documents then stay on record for future reference if required.

Storm International have opted to use a number of courses created by Rapid, which explore a wide range of topics from safe manual handling, to fire safety awareness, code of conduct, and privacy of information, amongst many others. They have also utilised the system to generate their own course tailored to meet the specific requirements of their company. This way, management can be assured that no matter what department people are working in, they will be fully inducted and aware of all the information they need to know to get on with the job safely.


Since implementation, Storm International have found that there has been a massive amount of time saved due to the ease of inducting people. Compliance has also increased, with the ability to view the documents and induction records of all their trainees resulting in greater transparency.

“It basically reduces the work I have to do by 90% as once I add the details of the new cleaner onto Rapid Induct, I no longer need to do anything else besides check if they’ve done it. We are able to find information we need more quickly, and actually have all the records we need, thus improving our compliance dramatically.

The feedback from the contractors has been that the workplace system is simple and straightforward to use. They are able to complete their inductions from anywhere so long as they have internet connection. Furthermore, reports can be generated when required to provide either an overview or specific trainee data. Furthermore, management have found the alerts feature of Rapid Induct to be helpful so they can be made aware of documents that are nearing their expiry date.

“It gives us the ability to do it quickly and easily online – our cleaners can do it from anywhere as long as they have internet. I can gather monthly reports as well as specific reports and am always alerted once something is expiring.

The Rapid Global client services phone support team has also proved to be an asset, with management finding that their calls and emails are promptly responded to.

“Rapid help desk is incredible. As soon as I call them I get immediate assistance and follow up with whatever question or issue I have.

Looking to the future, Storm International is hoping to branch their clientele further across Australia, while particularly focussing on schools. Their continued partnership with Rapid Global will help them reduce time and risk by ensuring all workers are properly inducted and compliant.