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Online Induction Software

What is Rapid Induct

What if you could get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster? You can with Rapid Induct from Rapid Global.

Rapid Induct is an award winning online induction software system for the creation and delivery of online induction training courses for employees and contractors. This flexible system can be customised to suit individual needs, and is fully hosted and accessible from any internet-enabled device or computer twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rapid Induct is ideal for businesses of all sizes, across all industries and it is designed to deliver safety inductions and other workplace induction related information. Businesses with multiple sites will especially benefit from the system’s ability to remotely induct and train a workforce. Rapid Induct is the software solution to assist you with all your legal and compliance requirements.

Some of the world’s biggest companies and institutions such as McDonalds Australia & NZ, Mirvac, Ford and Kraft Foods already rely on Rapid Induct to train and induct their employees or contractors. From mining and property management, to health-care and education, Rapid induct is able to be customised to suit any industry.

Best of all, Rapid Induct puts you firmly in control of your content. It allows the user to easily edit induction and training courses, add modules, create questionnaires, checklists or surveys, and change images, all with the use of its easy-to-use editing controls.

Rapid Induct Course Library!

Pre-written Courses for instant training. Find out more…

Rapid Induct Mobile Screenshot

Personalised safety induction and training courses

Rapid Induct Mobile Screenshot 2

Branded login screen designed to suit your company profile.

Rapid Induct mobile

Securely access multiple platforms.

Rapid Induct Ipad Graph

Generate the reports you want, including site specific graphs.

The Power of Rapid Induct

Rapid Induct goes beyond most e-learning software and online induction software. With its capability to assist business owners across all aspects of their workplace training, Rapid Induct is the ultimate in workforce management software.
The holistic nature of the software allows the user to easily build and update compliance systems, induct employees online, add swipe card or contractor verification systems, and install performance programs. In short, it’s the software that ensures your compliance needs are covered.
When paired with products such as Contractor Management software or Access System solutions, your business will benefit from a full end-to-end training, site induction and compliance program.
Include ID cards, swipe card systems for inductee identification on your site, or use the Rapid Induct App for on the spot checking of inductee training status.
Rapid Induct is simply the most reliable and efficient way of getting the right people on the right job at the right time.
Rapid Induct Features.
  • Contains permission levels for key personnel and security levels.

  • Uses Rapid Store to provide a central storage facility for documents.

  • Allows documents to be shared with inductees and companies.

  • Allows daily and weekly reporting to all staff stakeholders.

  • Allows data to be exported to Microsoft Excel.

  • Has the ability to create forms, checklists and surveys.

  • Produces a certificate for each learner including declaration, pass score, checklist and questions.

  • Is able to include plastic data enabled ID cards with QR code.

  • Offers 1800 number phone support for learners and administrators.

  • Ensures site managers can manage their own courses and report on their personnel independently where required.

  • Create unlimited induction and training courses.

  • Edit and design online courses.

  • Deliver the right training to the right people using our highly functional training matrix.

  • Supported by outstanding customer service for both your administrators and learners.

  • Inbuilt contractor specific tools.

  • Create training that includes Video, Audio, Images, Text and Flash.

  • Multi-site and multi-administrator capability.

  • Includes ongoing online induction, training and technical support for administrators.

  • Includes free App. Check inductee status and certificates on the spot. No more waiting for certificates to be printed.

Inducting your staff and contractors online has never been so easy! Designed with features to assist in contractor management, you can introduce your contractors to site safety before they start work.

What Makes Rapid Induct Different?

Rapid Induct is the most advanced online induction software on the market. It’s fully editable and offers a superior level of course self management because we know our clients appreciate the ability to easily edit and control the content. Clients also appreciate the ability for the system to provide different access according to the job role or security level. Rapid Induct provides more than just online course delivery.

Rapid Induct Worker

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