Streamline and control contractor & visitor sign in

On-site digital check-in & screening tool for every site visitor, to ensure traceability and guard against unauthorised entry.

rapid access visitor management system
rapid access visitor management illustration
About Rapid Access

How can you keep track of who is currently on site and has access to enter all your sites?

Rapid Access is a visitor sign-in solution that lets you track visitors at one or more sites in real-time. Use our visitor management system to streamline and automate your check-in process. This check in software also enhances security and prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing your site.

Rapid Access is perfect for companies who have visitor tracking management needs or site security concerns. The system is the best visitor management software, providing a complete site access solution. When used in conjunction with Rapid Contractor Management software, it is a comprehensive sub-contractor management solution.

Track Hours in real-time

Keep track of hours spent on site in real-time

When using Rapid Access, you can throw out paper timesheets! Our online site access software records the time of site entry and exit for every person. This gives you the ability to view and verify how much time someone has spent on site.

rapid access visitor management illustration
rapid access dashboard illustration

Ensure only fully compliant and inducted workers get on site

Use Rapid Access as an electronic employee check-in system, contractor sign-in software, or other visitor access system. Have peace of mind that only compliant workers can sign in to your site by integrating Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management.


Choose from multiple sign-in options

Rapid Access provides multiple sign-in options to suit your needs. Sign in by scanning a building QR code, using a worker’s geolocation, hardware terminals at reception or swiping ID cards. You can even integrate fingerprint scanning using biometric attendance systems.

rapid access visitor management illustration

Gain control in emergencies

Send an automated evacuation message from the visitor app to everyone who is currently signed in to site in an emergency. Get people to text back as ‘safe’ once they have reached the muster point. Mark this on the app to account for everyone.

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    Be more productive

    Gain efficiency and productivity using Rapid Access


    Instantly view data of everyone onsite using the dashboard

    With Rapid Access, you can quickly see how many contractors, employees, visitors, or other personnel are currently on site.


    Search by specific location

    Search by overall status company-wide or refine your search to a specific location and/or contract company within a timeframe.


    Notify on-site personnel when visitors have arrived

    Use this visitor check in software to send an automatic notification after the sign-in to the person the visitor will meet.


    Print wearable labels for visitors for a visual cue on site

    Rapid Access can print labels with the visitor’s photo and details, so you have a visual cue to verify if they have correctly signed in.


    Automatically check the status of inductions, licences and insurances

    Integrate the site access control system with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management to ensure only people who are compliant and inducted can sign in.

    Do more, achieve more

    The electronic visitor sign-in system empowers you to:


    Have multiple visitor types access your sites


    Verify contractors coming to your sites and track hours


    Display emergency information


    Generate an evacuation list


    Account for everyone in an emergency


    Check the status of inductions, licences and insurances


    Integrate with existing onsite security solutions such as ID card entry systems


    Notify on-site personnel of visitor arrival


    Use fingerprint biometrics, swipe card access or QR code to enter


    Record site entry and exit using geolocation


    Print wearable labels for visitors for a visual cue on site


    Host all information online using cloud-based software

    Mobile Apps

    Gain efficiency through
    our Rapid Apps

    Rapid Global Admin Tools App

    Use this app to view who is onsite anytime, check-in workers from your phone, complete spot-check audits on site, observe site access history, verify or reject documents on the spot, and review the emergency procedure.

    Rapid Access App

    Perfect mobile or iPad sign-in software for your workers. They can use this registration app to sign in to sites using a QR code or geolocation, change or upload their profile photo, report an issue identified on site, and view the emergency evacuation procedure.


    Develop an automated sign in sign out solution by integrating hardware. Access control management integrations available include:

    Rapid Access Integration QR Code

    Site Access Hardware

    Rapid Access can integrate with hardware such as boom gates, kiosks, turnstiles, QR code scanners and swipe card entry systems. Rapid Access ensures you can restrict entry to your site to only fully inducted and compliant workers. Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management site access systems can use data-enabled ID cards to allow site entry via integration with Rapid Access.

    Rapid Access Integration Alcohol Breath Tester

    Alcohol Breath Tester Units

    Identify when people are not compliant with company alcohol policies with integrated alcohol breath testing units. This means that they are unable to sign in unless they are compliant and alcohol-free. This integration includes the ability to assign people to complete the testing randomly. You can also automatically send non-compliant reports to management for positive results.

    Rapid Access Integration Key Safe Cabinet

    Electronic Key Management Systems

    Install a secure key cabinet for workers arriving on site at any hour of the day or night. Give workers 24/7 secure site or asset access. Intelligent integration with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management means only compliant workers from compliant companies gain access to keys. View an electronic record of who has taken and returned keys.

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    Go Further

    Run your business at its best, every time

    Rapid Access is a powerful tool on its own and is even better when integrated with Rapid’s suite of solutions. All Rapid software solutions are customisable for any industry and businesses of any size.

    Rapid Induct Software

    Rapid Induct

    Get your employees and contractors trained, inducted, compliant, and on the job faster with this flexible and fully customisable software.

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    Rapid Contractor Management

    Have full control over your contractors. Ensure contractors are inducted and approved to work on site only if they are from fully compliant and approved companies.

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    Rapid Permit to Work Software

    Rapid Permit to Work

    Allow your management team to quickly validate or issue work permits to your contractors and workers.

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    Rapid Audit Software

    Rapid Auditor

    Conduct workplace audits and inspections with ease for both assets and individuals.

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    Rapid Incident Reporting Software

    Rapid Incident Reporting

    Report incidents on our intuitive online platform, keeping all details about an incident together in one centralised location.

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    Rapid Risk Management Software

    Rapid Risk

    Move away from static excel spreadsheets to a more dynamic risk management process that enhances response to change.

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