Accessing site documentation just got easier with Rapid GO

Providing access to important documents for your site visitors and employees has just become much easier and more efficient with the latest update to our site access solution, Rapid GO.

Within the Rapid Access Site Info page, you can now create a library of documents for each of your sites and select which personnel types can see which documents. Workers will have site specific documentation at their fingertips for the duration of their visit as soon as they scan the Rapid GO QR Code on site.

How does it work?

A person signs into your site via Rapid GO. Once they scan the site’s Rapid GO Code or commence to sign in via Geolocation, they navigate to ‘Documents’ via the menu icon and can view the site documentation available to them based on their personnel type. For contractors that submit permits via Rapid Permit to Work, this means they can view site specific information before submitting their work order should they need to consider any site specific hazards.

Here is what it would look like on a user’s phone. Here you can see there’s an asbestos register document available.

This feature can store site specific documents such as chemical registers, evacuation plans, and asbestos registers, and make them available to users for the duration of their visit. This allows your business and your site visitors to save time, work more efficiently and safely, with quick access to what they need.

To add a document, you can do so via the site info panel in Rapid Access.

More about Rapid Access

Rapid Access is a complete visitor sign-in solution that lets you track visitors, employees, and contractors at one or more sites in real-time, and guard against unauthorised entry. It can be integrated with third-party systems and site access hardware like boom gates, facial recognition and license plate technology as well as providing extensive automation capabilities that can improve site safety.

More about Rapid GO

Rapid GO is one of the sign in methods available within our Rapid Access solution that gives visitors, contractors and employees the ability to sign in using their phone easily, while still giving your business extensive monitoring and reporting tools.

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